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4 Tips to Buy a Property Online Safely

The digital transformation due to the pandemic has reached the most diverse sectors, such as the real estate market.

According to data from Criteo, a research and data company, in June 2021 the growth of online consumption in this sector was 402% higher than in the same period of 2020.

For this reason, companies and platforms have been increasingly adapting to the digital format, such as Resale, a real estate outlet specialized in selling properties at below market prices.

Proptech runs campaigns throughout the year and offers attractive discounts and exclusive purchase conditions.

However, at the same time that practicality attracts the attention of consumers looking to acquire new properties, they need to be aware of potential scams and scams.

Data from Unico’s e-commerce fraud survey showed that as of September last year, the company had identified more than 3.3 million fraudulent transaction attempts in the digital environment.

In order to help people who intend to buy real estate online, the CEO and founder of Resale, Marcelo Prata, lists 4 tips on how to buy safely in the digital environment.

1. See Company Search:

It is important that the consumer consult the company behind the sale. Especially in the case of high-value real estate, it is worth checking directly with sellers, for example banks, if the company or website where the property is listed is authorized to make the sale.

2. Check Ownership Documents:

Another tip is to evaluate the property registration certificate to see if the property can be sold. At this point, it is always important to get the advice of a professional lawyer or real estate agent.

3. Non-payment of Advances:

A common feature of fraud is the demand for advance payments. Never do this without making sure that the company is serious and that the purchase requires it.

4. Bonus: Check out Website Domains:

The domain refers to the address of the website. To avoid scams, it is important to choose URLs that are registered in Brazil. Also, through the platform, it is possible to verify the owner of the website and make sure if he has a connection with the company and if it really exists.

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