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A Place to Get Lost in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most bohemian cities in Europe, and in fact one of the cities that in the last century saw more reconstruction. Its buildings, history and people make Lisbon a great place to spend a few days.

This is exactly what the 9Hotel Collection hotel chain has in mind, with the opening of its new hotel in the heart of this city, on Calle Misericordia. The place is called 9Hotel MERCY and it has 4 stars. What can be found in it are 47 rooms, a wonderful newly built balcony and a meeting room for 27 people. A small but intimate reception welcomes you to the hotel. The rooms are of different types but decorated in dark tones mixed with beige.

The site is unbeatable. In Rua da Misericórdia, where it is located, you will find typical pottery shops, fashion brands and other design businesses, and typical Portuguese food. Of course, monuments surround the hotel and restaurants are not far away.

Although if there is a distinguished restaurant, it is the one next to the 9Hotel MERCY. Karnal is a restaurant that collaborates, door to door, with accommodation. The cuisine of this restaurant is a mixture of typical Mexican and Portuguese food, a combination that fits exceptionally. Also, the price is very favorable and the quality is very high. The main recommendation is the shrimp ceviche, undoubtedly fantastic.

Tourism around the hotel is very diverse. Its location is special. Bairro Alto is a few streets away, such as Plaza Luis Camões. From the roof you can see San Jorge Castle, which lights up at night and offers a beautiful horizon. Also, it’s not far from the sea.

On the other hand, the friendliness of the room service and accommodation staff makes for an excellent experience.

The Series and its History

While accommodation in Lisbon is its latest addition, it’s not the only one in Europe. France has four hotels (three in Paris and one in Lyon), Belgium, three (in Brussels) and one in Switzerland (Genoa), Italy (Rome) and Portugal (Lisbon); All between three and four stars.

Room rates are, on average, for accommodations that match those stars and the corresponding savings for each country. In addition, the hotel’s decor is often left in the hands of prestigious designers, to maintain some elegance and sophistication.

One of the features that make it ideal is that it offers the possibility of carrying out group trips and business meetings. On their website, they offer this service.

What Do You See, Do and Eat

Portugal is an ideal country to travel and even to live in. Prices are very reasonable, and although prices are high in Lisbon, they are not prohibitive.

The food is rich and varied, but among them are cod and shellfish. Being a country with a fishing tradition and close to the ocean, all marine products are great. As for dessert, the Belém cake is a must: a dessert filled with cream or cream and added with cinnamon.

Accompanied by a good Port wine, you get a delicious meal. Ginga is one of the lesser-known but uncommon drinks. This drink is made from cherries, wine brandy, sugar and cinnamon (although it can be drunk without alcohol); It is served in a chocolate cup that you can eat after drinking its contents.

To be able to navigate in Lisbon, it is necessary to go up and down several hills on foot and get lost in alleys full of charm, or use a means of transport. One of the most prominent means of transport is the tram or tuk-tuk. The tram has a very reasonable price but is always full and stops at specific stations, yes, very touristy. On the other hand, tuk-tuks give you more privacy and allow you to explore the city on demand, but the price is higher.

Lisbon and its historic centre, as well as the views, are fantastic. But if the goal is to see beyond Lisbon, Belém and Cascais are different and exceptional places. Although if you are looking for the mountains, Sintra is your place, just a few train stops from Lisbon.

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