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Are You on a Diet? 8 Tips For Enjoying Guilt-free Get-togethers

Nobody gets fat overnight. Not between Christmas and New Years. Extra pounds are the result of several days when there was an excess of calories, the body stored more energy than it spent. In other words, December special gatherings can be enjoyed without guilt, just keep common sense.

Nutritionist Bruno Roa, who has an office in Brasilia, explains that a kilogram of fat is equivalent to 7,000 stored calories. Since the standard diet for people is between 2,500 and 2,000 calories, there is no weight gain overnight.

To reassure people worried about gaining weight over the festive period, Roa adds that the difference in the scale from one day to the next does not mean a change in body composition, but an expected fluctuation caused mainly by fluid retention and the process of digestion. . “Ideally, people should know how their weight tends to fluctuate,” she says.

Restriction and Stinginess

The nutritionist opposes what he calls “food radicalism,” attitudes in which a “no-go” list prevents people from taking advantage of special occasions. “It is not necessary to maintain a restrictive diet at the end of the year parties, but it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout the year,” he says.

It highlights self-control and stinginess as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and therefore suggests that people are less afraid of obesity after the holidays. “By making healthy choices, it’s possible to significantly reduce calorie intake,” she suggests.

At the request of Metropoles, he lists some tips for people to enjoy the holiday season without guilt:

  • He prefers roasted foods – Fat is the nutrient with the highest caloric value: 9 kcal/g. Regardless of whether or not they are healthy fats, they will have the same caloric value. Given this, avoid fried foods or foods with added fats whenever possible, he suggests.
  • Don’t skip lunch – It’s common for people to voluntarily stop eating during the day and think about what they’re going to eat at night. Bruno warns that the strategy is flawed. He notes that they will “arrive at the party hungry and overeat.”
  • Avoid trying everything – “Due to the great variety on the table, we end up exaggerating when we serve our plate, sometimes, even though we are full and satisfied, we end up eating until the end so as not to waste it,” says the nutritionist.
  • Enjoy the company – It is important that you savor each of the food options well and also enjoy the conversations and the company that this type of encounter provides.
  • Prefers wine – Beer is usually the worst option. People drink until they can’t anymore. The drinks are often high in calories. Wines and sparkling wines have a lower caloric value and people tend to consume less, relative to bottle consumption.
  • Distribute the leftovers – “If you have people at home, when you are about to finish the night, divide and distribute what is left over. What bothers you the most is that the food continues in the days after Christmas and New Years,” says Roa.
  • Add Fruits – In addition to being low in calories, fruits will help fill you up.
  • Return to normal life – The day after the party, return to your normal diet. Eat all the prescribed foods. “Within a few days your body will get rid of the excess fluid accumulated and everything will return to normal,” says the specialist.
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