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Cheers Photo Album – High Quality Portable Photo Printing for Your Best Memories

The best memories become more vivid when immortalized through photos. Those photos left in the camera can get lost, they need to be uniquely and sophisticatedly printed and organized on durable, high quality paper. Albums created with Cheerz Photo Album fully meet all these requirements.

What are the Different Types of Cheerz Photo Albums?

Cheerz’s range of photo albums is wide and includes different categories of photo albums according to a number of criteria including: format, cover, colors and events you want to capture.

Depending on the photo album format, you can choose between standard square, portrait or landscape albums and between large, small and small photo albums. The square shape is available in two sizes: 21 x 21 cm and 29 x 29 cm, portrait 27 x 21 cm and landscape 21 x 27 cm. If you want a larger, more refined album, you’ll love this 32 x 32 cm scrapbooking photo album, which can hold 30 to 80 photos. For photo albums that are easier to customize or transfer, mini photo album (19 x 15 cm) and mini scrapbook photo album (17.5 x 17.5 cm) are great options.

Depending on the cover, you can choose between a hardcover album like most books or a paperback album. Album cover and page layouts are also up to you depending on the theme or events dedicated to your album. That way, you can create a personalized album that matches your birth, vacation, trip, wedding, etc. Cheerz photo albums are available in different colors: blue, black, pink, white, etc.

How to Create and Customize a Photo Album?

Creating and customizing your own photo album on Cheerz is very convenient. In a maximum of 30 minutes, you will have created your album according to your preferences while you are at home. In fact, on its website Cheerz offers the possibility to express your creativity by choosing your most beautiful photos.

There is also a mobile app, the Cheerz App, which provides the same features available on the website. You just need to download it to create and customize your own online photo album. Keep in mind that Cheerz photo albums are usually 24 pages long, but you can go up to 154 pages depending on the template you choose.

How Much Does a Photo Album on Cheerz Cost?

Prices vary according to the features of the photo album created, but they are affordable for all budgets. Cheerz photo albums offer excellent value for money. For just 20 euros, or even less, you can get a personalized photo album. For example, you can get a mini photo album for just 16.90 euros. For a great scrapbooking photo album, book from €39.90.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver a Cheerz Photo Album?

One of the perks of creating your own online photo album on Cheerz is the speed of delivery. Once you create your custom photo album, it takes at least 12 hours to process and combine all your preferences. Depending on the model, size, complexity and number of images, this period may increase. Typically, 48-72 hours after your photo album is confirmed to be printed, you will be able to play and enjoy the fruits of your creativity. Delivered in solid, well-protected packaging.

Cheerz photo albums are the best. They are easy to set up in a short time and offer excellent value for money. These personalized photo albums are printed on high quality paper. Although it takes time to set up, the waiting period is reduced by the fast and perfect delivery

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