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Christmas on a Boat: A Different Holiday

Summer is behind us and temperatures will gradually decrease. When we want to do it, Christmas will arrive, a time usually associated with cold and snow, although this is not the case all over the world. There are regions where the weather is good and where Christmas is radically different.

Also, you can live this Christmas alone in warm regions like the Caribbean, can you imagine welcoming the year on a ship like a true captain? Well, it’s possible. Renting a boat at Christmas is more expensive than you think. Why do you have to? Well, let’s tell you the advantages of enjoying different parties, as well as the destinations you can choose from in the Caribbean.

Why Spend Christmas on a Boat?

Do you have questions about boat rentals? Well, let’s waste them with such perks about this service.

It’s Always Good Weather

What we like most in summer are the pleasant temperatures, but not too hot. In the Caribbean, it’s summer all year, but it doesn’t make for a hot continental climate with 40 degrees in shade. Here temperatures are around 25 degrees all year round, the perfect temperature to feel comfortable.

On the other hand, you will be in paradise, in a place full of beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. You will see the other side of the world, enjoy the local culture and have the best photos to remember.

Less Stressful Vacation

Going on vacation is about relaxation and letting go, not more stress. If you want to relax, then taking a Caribbean cruise is the best, because you will be at peace with your loved ones, without anyone bothering you with the best views in the world. This will be the best week of your life and you will return to Spain completely relaxed, stress free.

In addition, the vacations are fully customized as you can choose any type of boat, different sizes and go with or without a captain. That way, you choose whether you want a private party with 12 people or if you want something intimate for two.

Christmas by Boat is Not as Expensive as You Think

Surely you thought that these vacations are too expensive for you, but it’s not true, what if I told you that these vacations are very affordable for almost everyone? There are budgets for everyone, with affordable options from around €1,000 per person with 7 nights of full board. Likewise, there are other more luxurious options and other low-cost options, with prices starting at 300 euros.

Think that you’ll be on an all-expense-paid ship and that you’ll likely end up spending less than traditional vacations, where things like eating out or shopping leave your wallet empty. Of course, there are options where you can see the main cities in the area, so they leave that up to you.

Will You Do Something Different

Classic Christmas is fine, with snow, mistletoe and Santa Claus, but after a lifetime of doing the same, you feel like you’re doing something different. This is the unique opportunity to be the envy of all your friends, to do something you will remember for the rest of your life and to enjoy summer again in mid-December, when you will miss it the most.

Of course, just because you’re on the boat doesn’t mean you don’t have the amenities. Most have electricity in the form of solar panels, a paddle and kayak to explore, a water treatment plant, a water treatment bathroom, utility boats and an equipped kitchen.

Christmas Trip Destinations by Boat

If you want to spend Christmas on a Caribbean ship, there are several destinations you can choose from for this adventure. You can travel to wonderful places like the Grenadines, the Cuban archipelago of Los Canarios or the Exuma archipelago, among others.

There you will enjoy volcanic islands, Caribbean landscapes and beautiful beaches. All this surrounded by the richest flora and fauna on the planet, which contains centenary turtles, colorful fish and even iguanas.

You can do this on all types of boats, like the 12-person 620 lagoon boat or the Aqua Lodge pontoon. The latter is the more exotic option, with a solarium on the roof and an integrated kayak for exploring the coast.

The good thing is that you can choose what works best for you and what suits your needs. Either way, you are sure to spend the best birthday of your life in an unforgettable experience.

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