Friday, March 31, 2023

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Contains 1g Returns with a Colorful Portfolio and is Looking to Capture Gen Z

She returned! After being bought by Grupo Sallve, Containe 1g returns to Brazilian shelves under the leadership of businesswoman Julia Petit. Iconic in the 2000s, the company has “reset” a continuing portfolio as of Tuesday (1/17), with its own e-commerce business and plans to expand into physical retail.

The group of entrepreneurs so far focuses on dermatological cosmetics and aims to attract new consumers with makeup debuts, new product introductions and 100% copyright. Julia said in an interview with Vogue.

Debuting products will include revisits of the brand’s classics, such as matte lipsticks and a range of skincare products with consultancy Daniele Da Matta, which specializes in product development. Plus, a colorful line, from pencils to mascaras, designed specifically to appeal to Generation Z, is now available to the masses.

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