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Crowded GYM? See Five Tips for an Intense Workout at Home

The summer season of 2023 has already begun, and it is undoubtedly the season in which people opt for regular physical exercise. Choose to work out at the gym, but soon after didn’t want to see it crowded? Are you sure! There are five ways to train at home.

Heating is a Priority:

“Before starting an exercise routine at home, it is necessary to warm up to prepare and condition the body for the exercises, thus preventing injuries and providing more resistance and strength to the body”, explains the orthopedist Lairon Alves, specialist in shoulder and elbow and member of the LARC Clinic.

Appropiate Clothes:

You do not need to do the physical activity as if you were going to dress in private for a moment and in the same way it would be too exaggerated to dress like a typical Malokero gentleman. Clothing that does not restrict body movement and shoes that absorb shock are excellent alternatives. There are products for all tastes and prices. Commerce!

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Reject far-fetched stories or overtraining of speed. The correct thing is to respect what you can match so that the training load increases little by little. “Demanding too much of your body can put your health at risk,” Alves wonders.


Remove your furniture and other items that could cause injury. Also shop for fitness and exercise equipment: mats, benches, weights, and elastic bands. In the details we build what we want.

Healthy Food:

Regardless of the type of physical activity, it is necessary to follow a proper diet that contains protein, calcium and other vitamins. Also, try to sleep well and bet on drinking water before and after exercise, because it ensures that lost fluids are replenished ”, concludes the orthopedist.

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