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Discover the 10 Best Christmas Markets in The World in 2022

Christmas is coming! Even in the current World Cup climate, many cities are already gearing up for the end-of-year festivities. Trees, lights and Santa Claus are already taking to the streets. One of the most traditional activities is the opening of the Christmas markets. In Brazil, this tradition is not yet strong, but in other countries it is already centuries old. British website Planet Cruise decided to find the best Christmas market on the planet by searching online on their tourism and social media pages. Discover below the 10 best Christmas markets in the world.

The Most Traditional Christmas Market in the Country

Before presenting our list of the best Christmas markets in the world, it is good to highlight one more issue. In most cities, Christmas celebrations begin to unfold at this time of year. The streets are decorated, the trees are hung, and the lights are scattered in different places. However, Christmas celebrations in some countries are stronger than others. According to the UK website, these are the ten countries with the most fans in the Christmas spirit:

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • France

Since in this post we will talk about the Christmas market, it should be noted that PlanetCruise has evaluated 51 festivals around the world, of which 28 markets are in Germany and the United Kingdom, the first and second in the list of countries with the largest Christmas celebrations. This shows how seriously Christmas is celebrated in these two European countries.

The Best Christmas Markets in The World

1. Bryant Park Winter Village – New York, United States

The best Christmas market in the world comes from the United States. Located right in the heart of New York, Bryant Park Winter Village is a place where the Christmas spirit lasts longer. The party there starts in October and continues till March. It is open 129 days, with the large free skating rink, giant tree lit up with thousands of small lanterns, and the 170 festive tents being the main attractions.

2. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – London, England

Located in one of the eight royal parks in London, this park is much more than just a Christmas market. In addition to 200 stalls with products and plenty of food, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has a giant amusement park, as well as the UK’s largest outdoor ice rink and ice slide. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which opened in November and runs until January 2nd, costs £5.00 (R$31.50) to enter. Play is paid separately.

3. Toronto Christmas Market – Toronto, Canada

Located in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District, this market is one of the largest in the world. This year’s edition will feature 414 tents, where tourists can find plenty of food, gifts and Christmas decorations. Admission to the Toronto Christmas Market, which is open now and runs through December 31, costs C$11 (R$44). One of the main attractions and one of the most photographed is the large Christmas tree, 15 meters high, with 1,700 golden balls and 70,000 light bulbs.

4. Spruce Meadows Christmas Market – Calgary, Canada

Canada is also ranked number four on the list of the best in the world. The Spruce Meadows Christmas Market in Calgary features over 300 stalls spread across a large indoor equestrian center that has been converted into a Christmas market for three consecutive weekends between November and December.

5. York Christmas Market – York, England

Enjoy the Christmas cheer in one of the UK’s most festive cities, as York’s restaurants, shops and attractions are beautifully decorated and add to the Christmas spirit. This year marks the 30th anniversary of St Nicholas’s Fair, which has been a fixture on the streets of York since 1992. The York Christmas Market is now open until December 23rd and has 100 stalls.

6. Union Square Holiday Market – New York, United States

From mid-November to Christmas Day, this New York market attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. The Union Square Holiday Market features 185 vendors selling unique gifts made by local artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. In the enclosure it is also possible to try and taste typical dishes of this time such as gingerbread cookies and roasted chestnuts with a good wine.

7. Frankfurt Christmas Market – Frankfurt, Germany

Arriving at the seventh most traditional country in the world when it comes to the Christmas market is Germany. A fully decorated 30 meter tall tree welcomes you to the historic Frankfurt Christmas Market established in the 14th century. There are 200 stalls with many gifts and delicious food to delight the tourists who will be passing through until December 22.

8. Dresden Christmas Market – Dresden, Germany

The Dresden Christmas Market is not only one of the oldest Christmas markets (founded in 1434) and the largest and most beautiful Christmas market in Germany, but also one of the top 10 Christmas markets in the world. Located on Altmarkt, the oldest square in the city, this market stretches for 800 meters between Prager Strasse and Hauptstrasse and has around 250 stalls serving local produce and delicacies until Christmas Eve.

9. Wroclaw Christmas Market – Wroclaw, Poland

The Wroclaw Christmas Market is in its 15th edition in 2022. Opened in November with over 250 stalls, this year the market will run until December 31, including New Year’s Eve. As usual, fairy decorations and lots of lights adorn the Market Square and the surrounding areas of the city center, where visitors have the opportunity to buy Christmas delicacies and drink the famous wine.

Krakow Christmas Market – Krakow, Poland

We finish this top 10 of the best Christmas markets in the world with one in Krakow. This beautiful Polish city hosts a traditional Christmas market in its historic center with around 80 stalls. Like most other places, mulled wine is the drink of the season. In addition to good food, this market, which runs until December 25, offers many Christmas offers.

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