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Discover The Most Powerful Passports in the World in 2023

The ranking with the best passports in the world to travel in 2023 has been published by the Henley Passport Index. For the fifth year in a row, Japan remains the country with the most powerful passport in the world, with 193 visa-free destinations!

Splitting second place show South Korea and Singapore. Citizens of both Asian destinations can access 192 countries without the need to issue a visa in advance.

Third place in the ranking was also tied, between Germany and Spain, with 190 destinations. According to the ratio, residents of these five wealthiest countries have the most freedom to travel.

Fourth place went to Finland, Italy and Luxembourg (189 destinations). The first five positions were closed in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden (188 destinations).

Best Passports in the World:

  1. Japan (193 destinations)
  2. Singapore and South Korea (192 destinations)
  3. Germany and Spain (190 destinations)
  4. Finland, Italy and Luxembourg (189 destinations)
  5. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden (188 destinations) )
  6. France , Ireland , Portugal and the United Kingdom (187 destinations)
  7. Belgium , Czech Republic , New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United States (186 destinations)
  8. Australia , Canada , Greece and Malta (185 destinations)
  9. Hungary and Poland (184 destinations)
  10. Lithuania and Slovakia (183 destinations)
  11. Slovenia and Latvia (182 destinations)
  12. Estonia (181 destinations)
  13. Iceland (180 destinations)
  14. Malaysia (179 destinations)
  15. Liechtenstein and United Arab Emirates (178 destinations)
  16. Cyprus (177 destinations)
  17. Romania (175 destinations)
  18. Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia , Monaco (174 destinations)
  19. Hong Kong (171)
  20. Argentina and Brazil (170 destinations)

Worst Passports in the World:

  1. North Korea (40 destinations)
  2. Nepal, Palestinian territory (38 destinations)
  3. Somalia (35 destinations)
  4. Yemen (34 destinations)
  5. Syria (30 destinations)
  6. Iraq (29 destinations)
  7. Afghanistan (27 destinations)

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