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Do Probiotic Supplements Help you Lose Weight?

The use of probiotic supplements has drawn a lot of attention from those who want to lose weight. Associates take into account the idea that these microorganisms can improve the absorption of nutrients and reduce inflammatory processes in fat cells, thus aiding weight loss. So far, the research has yet to provide clear answers. While eating it probably won’t do any harm, it may not help fight obesity.

“The number of bacteria in obese people is really different from the non-obese population. But we don’t yet know if this difference contributes to obesity or is a consequence of it,” says Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Mira Shah, MD. .

Myra points out that it’s important to understand that weight gain is primarily a function of an energy imbalance. “You gain weight when you eat more calories than your body burns.” She said there is evidence that gut bacteria play a role in how efficiently the body extracts energy from the food that reaches the small intestine.

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The digestive system contains trillions of bacteria. Many of them have beneficial functions for the body, including metabolizing nutrients from food. others not. An imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria can contribute to certain medical disorders.

The specialist points out that eating foods that contain “good bacteria“, such as yogurt or cabbage, or taking probiotic supplements have proven health benefits and that, although more research is needed, there is some evidence that these microorganisms can improve health intestinal.

However, to date, the only studies showing convincing results that altering the composition of gut bacteria, also called the gut microbiome, affects weight have been done with germ-free mice. “On the other hand, human data is inaccurate regarding the role of probiotics in aiding weight loss,” Myra says.

An analysis of the results of published studies that looked at probiotics and weight loss was done but was inconclusive. This is partly because the research methods differed greatly between the studies and different probiotics were included.

What is clear is that the most important factor determining the composition of the gut microbiome is diet. But this calls into question which comes first. Does obesity lead to certain types of microorganisms? Or is it a certain type of microorganism that leads to obesity? At this time, this is unknown.

Mira points out that taking steps to maintain a healthy gut can help you in your weight loss journey. For example, “eating plenty of fruits and vegetables seems to help good bacteria in the gut thrive. This may be beneficial for feeling full and reducing excessive intake of extra-diet snacks and other unnecessary calories.” In addition, limiting animal fats, sugars and proteins is also an excellent measure, since diets rich in these foods are associated with inadequate intestinal bacterial composition.

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