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Elbow Pain? It Could be Epicondylitis

The beginning of the year is a time when people renew their physical activity goals. Those who go to the gym with the aim of gaining volume pay attention to every detail to keep their figure up to date. In this sense, he knows epicondylitis, the nightmare of the elbows.

What is Epicondylitis?

“It is caused by repetitive motions that injure the tendons of the elbow. Although there is a common name for ‘tendonitis’ and it is very common among tennis and baseball players, it is not a disease exclusive to those who practice these sports. It is very common in Kamal, says personal trainer Fernando Dragao.

When asked how to avoid this problem, Fernando mentioned two exercises so that the pain “disappears” over the days, even if this discomfort is due to inflammation, which is normal.

“Lateral epicondylitis: an inverted string. Medial epicondylitis: a wrist string. Do this two to three times a week. Do three to four sets to failure eight to 10 times,” he explains.

“Bodybuilding is very positive for people who suffer from some chronic diseases. The physical exercises performed speed up metabolism and improve the various systems of the body. They can help relieve pain and reduce dependence on medications,” Dragao instructs.

Know More:

Epicondylitis is caused by repetitive motion, resulting in injury to the tendons in the elbows. The inner part is called the lateral epicondyle and the inner part is called the medial epicondyle. The muscles of the forearms are attached to the tendons of the bony outgrowths.


“Avoiding physical activity that aggravates or delays recovery is a good option. However, for bodybuilders, it also impairs muscle building and delays their recovery. Eventually with a weak muscle you will feel pain again. Look for a good professional to guide you, ”he said. Fernando concludes.

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