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Everything you Need to Know About Claiming Damage or Lost Luggage

As a passenger, you are entitled to compensation if your Baggage is damaged, delivered late or lost. Compensation varies depending on how your luggage is returned to you or if it is permanently lost and can be around €1,700.

With the approach of the Constitution Bridge, many Spaniards will take the opportunity to travel, and if flights are taken, luggage problems can arise…, arrive damaged, the suitcase is delayed or even lost. And what can we do in these cases?

In that case, the air passenger is entitled to compensation. If there is a problem with your luggage, the most important thing is not to leave the airport without filing a claim with the airline’s baggage counter or the baggage service provider. A Baggage Irregularity Report (PIR) must be completed, from which the reference number will be received. When carrying out this procedure, try to provide as much information as possible and a detailed description of both the baggage and its contents.

It is recommended that the traveler make a list of everything that needs to be claimed and collect evidence of the validity of the claim, and take pictures of the contents of the luggage or the bag itself before it is damaged and therefore in its original condition. Can be compared with delivery.

Rights in Case of Lost Luggage

As a passenger, you are entitled to compensation if problems arise with your luggage. For checked baggage on international flights, Spain is subject to the Montreal Convention, which states that each passenger can claim up to around €1,700 if their baggage is lost, damaged or delayed. In addition, you can request reimbursement for costs that may have arisen from the suitcase problem.

But when is luggage considered lost? It is necessary that 21 days have passed since the arrival date of the flight. From this moment on, the refund procedure can be started, not forgetting that you have a period of two years to exercise this claim, that is, both for the contents and for the bag. The process varies depending on the type of lost baggage.

If the baggage is damaged only, you can claim the price for repair or replacement of damaged items from the airline within 7 days.

If delivery of your luggage is delayed without damage, you can claim the cost of essential items you had to buy to replace those in your lost bag. If this is the case for you, do not forget that it is necessary to present proof of payment for the products you had to purchase within 21 days of receiving the luggage.

Measures You Should Consider

It is recommended that you take a number of measures before traveling to avoid problems that may arise with your luggage:

  • Plan your trip strategically: If you have to transfer, it is best to choose flights operated by the same airline and ensure that there is enough time between the arrival of one flight and the departure of the next (a margin of one hour in the case of domestic flights or two hours if international flights).
  • Arrange baggage check-in procedures in advance, as airports often have long lines to check baggage, so arriving early helps reduce check-in errors and stress.
  • Put a tracking device in your luggage to locate it if it gets lost.
  • Take advantage of carry-on luggage to carry essential items that you can use in case your checked luggage is lost.
  • Take a photo of your checked baggage so it will be easier to describe it later when you file a claim and prove damage to your baggage.

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