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Food and Skiing, did you Know the Importance of Good Nutrition?

Ice skating is one of the funniest sports that we can find in the sports sector today. Gradually, more and more people are succumbing to its playful nature and its positive effects on our bodies to incorporate it into their daily routine. However, as with any other exercise, assimilating good eating habits is essential so that we can provide our body with everything it needs to ensure maximum performance.

Among the various options that exist, inline skates are the best option, as they allow us to burn calories and squeeze our fun. Then everything you need to know in terms of food. Even more so when we start periods of high demand, such as when practicing a sport such as skiing.

How Many Calories are Burned on Skiing?

To determine which components should be present in our diet, it is important to know how many calories are burned during a ski session. Knowing this amount will help us determine how many calories we should eat to feel energized and lead a healthy life.

In general, skiing usually results in a consumption of 500 kcal per hour. However, it is necessary to take into account that the geographic location in which we are has a direct impact on this amount. In addition, we should also know that men and women do not have the same calories. A woman weighing 60 kg can consume 530 calories after one hour. While a man who weighs 75 kilos will increase his consumption to approximately 660 kilocalories.

However, it will also affect the intensity or duration of the cycle. Therefore, we must bear in mind that there are several factors that can change both quantities decisively.

The Importance of Good Nutrition in Life

A healthy diet is vital in many ways. Being connected to good health is the most important thing. An unbalanced diet can cause several diseases that must be controlled.

While it is true that our health requires a good diet to provide our body with everything it needs. When there is a sporting activity, in which the energy we need is greater, it is of utmost importance. Even more so if we refer to skiing, with the demands it places on our bodies. Therefore, we must take care of every food and drink we eat in detail.

The term healthy eating refers to a person who has all the nutrients needed for our body to function properly throughout the day. Reducing the possibility of suffering from any kind of disease. To design our diet, we must ensure that all food groups are present in the correct proportions.

What is the Relationship Between Food and Sports?

In the case of people who practice sports such as skiing, a varied and balanced diet should be followed. It adapts at all times to the needs involved in elements such as age, sex or physical activity to be performed. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the consumption of cereals, protein foods, fatty foods, vegetables and necessary vegetables.

In addition, it is also necessary that we have a good routine in terms of hours so that we can improve the digestion process. Here are some recommendations we can follow:

  • Carbohydrates should be eaten before and after skiing. Grains and pulses are slowly absorbed until they gradually reach the blood. While the fruit gives us blood faster.
  • Water with food is essential. If we do not play sports, we should drink about a liter and a half and a half. However, on the days when we train, consumption should increase, even if we do not feel thirsty.
  • We must keep in mind that carbohydrates serve as our main source of energy. They are necessary so that the muscle can function whenever their presence is needed. Therefore, your presence must always be ensured.

As we have seen, it is essential to maintain a proper nutritional balance that allows us to guarantee our body’s needs at all times. During exercise, we must pay more attention, as the energy demand is much higher. At the same time, the organizational ability to accommodate routine will allow us to maximize the possibilities our body has. It gives us everything we need to take our skateboarding performance to an even higher level.

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