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Health Coach, Essential Professional

A coach is a professional who helps others achieve the goals they set for themselves. That is why coaching is a very important methodology for human progress and development, as it is applied in many areas: education, sports, nutrition, health, business or organizations.

Health coaching is described as a methodology of health promotion and education at the primary care level, aiming to achieve the empowerment and self-control of patients with chronic diseases. The aim is to help patients by building their skills, knowledge and self-confidence. Get them to use the tools that make them active managers of their own health, so that they themselves can achieve their health goals and better understand their weaknesses and opportunities.

A professional profile can have different branches of knowledge, mainly those related to health, teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, nurse, physiotherapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, nutritionist or any other health and health professional. at your bachelor’s or master’s or postgraduate level.

The benefits have been demonstrated by studies that have shown the real significance of this number, promoting self-care and better disease control, including improvements in the areas of food, weight, exercise and breaking bad habits.

The process starts from the patient’s health status and establishes as a final objective what he would like to achieve, breaking the objective into small specific goals that are evaluated throughout the process. The task of the assistant specialist or counselor is to help and accompany the patient to define and achieve their goals, as well as to carry out ongoing assessments to readjust them, if necessary.

The tools they work with are: “interviews, use of cards, decision scales, food diaries, exercises, etc. what is important to him. Know your weaknesses, threats, opportunities and strengths – SWOT -; The professional must be responsible for monitoring and discovering their values ​​and strengths.

In the sessions, the professional, as a guide and counselor, uses educational health guidelines that promote healthy living habits, and it is essential that the patient fulfills goals and maintains a relationship of trust between the people involved in the process.

Sessions can be developed through different means, face-to-face, by telephone, online, or in different formats, supported by videos and other content supports more adapted to learning and assistance. The frequencies must be intense in the first months, spaced monthly and after the annual control. Relapses should not be ruled out after success and change has been achieved, as the booster sessions will be performed again.

To end now, new ways of living in society and science-based changes are here to stay, now is the time to consciously strengthen and empower them. We are talking about the pillars of the welfare state and the law, and we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than health and education. of social progress.

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