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How is Sulfur Soap Used?

The use of sulfur soap is associated with one word: acne. This chemical compound has the symbol S (one of those easy to remember in the periodic table). It has antimicrobial properties, which is why it is a popular ingredient in natural medicine.

Sulfur works similarly to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It helps to dry the skin’s surface, to absorb excess sebum.

Sulfur Soap Properties

It Dries the Skin and Reduces the Appearance of Acne.

Sulfur products typically contain 10% sulfur, according to the Mayo Clinic. The rest of the ingredients are soap and neutral odor in case of wear and tear.

Its ability to dry the skin and its antibacterial and antiseptic properties are applied to reduce acne. Pimples, pimples and other blemishes.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by a fungus that grows on the skin and produces oily, scaly patches on the skin. Itching or itching. They can occur in different areas of the body, such as the armpits, face, or chest.

Sulfur soap can help kill this fungus and thus reduce the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis.

Pink Count

Rosacea is a chronic condition that causes redness of the skin, nose, chin and cheeks. Over time, this redness can become more severe and blood vessels may become visible.

The cause of rosacea is unknown, although it is thought to be due to a blood vessel or immune system disorder.


Like other products like glycolic acid, sulfur is a keratolytic, meaning it causes slight scaling of the top layers of the skin. This helps to eliminate dead cells, even out skin tone and reduce the severity of blemishes.

The skin will be smoother and softer. You can use sulfur soap as a mask.

Apply the soap, massage with a konjac sponge and leave on for 10 minutes.

Then rinse your skin and apply your usual moisturizer.

How is Sulfur Soap Used?

This product tends to dry out the skin, so even though it’s 80% neutral soap, it’s best not to use it daily. It could be two or three times a week.

  1. It is applied to cleanse the skin, preferably before bed, so that the skin rests for at least 8 hours after using the soap.
  2. It is not used as a make-up remover, first remove the make-up with your usual routine, and then use this soap, (not daily)
  3. Wet the skin and apply soap, massage a few times and let it sit for a few minutes.
  4. Remove it with lukewarm water, until you see that all the remaining soap has been removed.
  5. Once the soap is removed. Moisten the skin with water again, apply a little moisturizer (for oily or combination skin if that’s your case). Another alternative is to apply two drops of rosemary oil to wet skin. Massage gently.
  6. To help it absorb, gently pat your face.
  7. Do not use a towel or cotton to dry the skin. Do not rub the skin with anything, it may irritate.
  8. You’ll see how it dries in a few minutes. The step before applying a moisturizer or a few drops of oil is to prevent the skin from drying out too much.
  9. Let the skin rest for at least 8 hours.

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