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How to Clear Android and Apple Cache to Clean Phone

On several occasions, warning messages appear on your device about the lack of space that can cause some discomfort, such as not being able to perform certain actions or the phone being slower. One way to avoid this is to empty the cache, whether from Android or Apple iOS.

Cache is the temporary files that are created on the phone with the daily use of the application and that allow it to run faster, by not having to create new files every time it is opened. However, this data accumulates and can take up a lot of space in the device’s memory, which causes the opposite effect, which is the smartphone slowing down.

How to Clear Cache on Android

Some apps clear the cache automatically, but not all do, which is why sometimes it needs to be done manually. Then MARK shows you how to empty the Android cache.
Previously, the operating system allowed you to delete these files globally, but today you have to go through one application after another. To do this, just open Settings, tap Storage and tap Other apps. There, select an application and click “Clear Cache”. In addition, we can delete temporary files thanks to Files, a free application that allows us to manage this space.

How to Clear Cache on Apple

On the other hand, in Apple iOS there are different paths depending on which application we want to select. For example, open your iPhone or iPad settings and tap on “Safari” where you can clear your browsing history and data. Also, you can force restart your device and with that some of your apps will clear cache. For third-party apps we have two options: open Settings and tap on the app and select Reset Cache or delete and reinstall the app, check before it’s available in the App Store as it was deleted once, if it’s not in the Store, you won’t be able to more restore it.

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