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How to Meditate in Bed: Our Tips

Meditation is a simple practice that can be done anywhere and anytime. You don’t need special tools or equipment. In fact, all you need is a few minutes and a quiet space where you can be alone.

There are many benefits of meditation. Studies show that meditating before bed helps to relax the body and de-stress, redirect racing thoughts that often lead to insomnia, and usher in the calm state we need to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, in this post we will teach you how to meditate in bed so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Set the Mood

Before starting to meditate in bed, it’s important to create a calm, distraction-free environment. Once installed in your bedroom, try to do it on a mattress that is comfortable for you. Make sure you are ready for bed and that you have no reason to get up when you go to sleep.

Mute phone notifications, turn off the lights, and if you like, light some candles to create a softer light. You can choose scented candles or incense to create a more relaxing atmosphere and use your favorite scents. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your space.

Choose Your Meditation Style

Find a comfortable position, lie down or sit on the mattress, it’s entirely up to you. If you are a beginner, you can choose to listen to a guided meditation. On the Internet you will find hundreds of recordings that you can listen to. Focus on the person’s voice and allow yourself to go through the process. If what you prefer is to add some ambience, we recommend choosing music or a mix of sounds to accompany your night meditation. Typically, the sound of rain or ocean waves is the perfect catalyst to induce relaxation.

There are many meditation methods you can try: Experiment and see which one gives you the best results. Here we show some

Conscious Breathing

Mindful breathing exercises aim to focus our attention on breathing in and out to ground us in the present moment and dispel our fears about the future. You can say to yourself, “Inhale, exhale.” take a deep breath. You should try to keep your mind clear, and if at any point you find that thoughts interrupt your meditation, return to focusing on your breath.

At first, you will find it a difficult exercise, as it is very easy to get distracted by any idea. Meditation takes a lot of practice, but over time it will become easier and more manageable.


It consists of repeating a word you don’t know several times. Before going to bed, repeat a few syllables like pi-pi-pi or ne-ne-ne monotonously for 10 minutes until your brain leads you to new sounds. The only important thing is that they are words that do not belong to a language. Reciting these sounds without a clear meaning will help you get the attention of your subconscious and prevent everyday problems from taking over and preventing you from sleeping well.

Corporal Conscience

For this meditation technique, you should breathe slowly and focus all your attention on all parts of your body, starting with your head and slowly moving up to your feet. Feel the weight of your whole body and let it sink into the bed. Do this until you fall asleep.

Establish a Routine

Making meditation a daily practice will greatly increase all the benefits it brings us, both for our mental and physical health. Set a goal to set aside time each day to be fully in touch with yourself. If you are just starting out, 10 or 15 minutes of meditation before bed will be enough, it is not necessary to spend 4 hours as if you were a Hindu yogi. Little by little you will be able to extend the time, and you will only need discipline, perseverance and dedication.

There are no excuses for not meditating! Giving us time, space and courage to rest and relax is now so essential for our well-being. The night before bed, close your eyes and take a few minutes to connect with your body.

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