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How To Use Highlighter

No lightning when using the highlighter? It is a multipurpose product to get a good effect for the face, the aim is to see the skin fresh and hydrated.

You can use it on the cheeks to accentuate the cheekbones, on the nose to improve its thickness, on the upper eyelid under the eyebrows to improve the look.

Can I use highlighter without makeup? Yes, but I think what makeup does is even out the skin tone. Then, in that even tone, the highlighter and blush bring out the features.

On a face without makeup, flaws will be noticeable – uneven areas of skin, pimples or marks. Lighting can accentuate imperfections more, so instead of looking prettier, you can look downright weird.

How to Use the Highlighter

Skin Preparation

Wash your face with makeup remover or moisturizing soap.

Apply Moisturizer

It can be with colored sunscreen if you don’t want to wear makeup. Let the cream sit for two or three minutes before the next step.

Makeup Apply

Now comes the makeup, if you want a wet finish, mix two drops of face oil or liquid highlighter with your makeup, you’ll see how you notice the change.

By using a slightly damp sponge, you will get makeup that blends better. Let it dry for two minutes.

The Rouge

Before applying eyeliner, use blush as usual.


Apply eyeliner and use a brush other than blush. So you can add highlighter in different areas

  • On the Temples and Forehead, on the Upper Eyelids to Brighten the look
  • From Top to Bottom of the Nose.
  • On The Chin.

In the video cog, choose Subtitles and then translate to Spanish, although it’s not really necessary as even if you don’t understand English, you can visually see how the highlighter is applied.

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