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How will Information Technology Affect Business in 2023?

In recent years, businesses have been faced with enormous challenges and have gone through an incredible amount of change.

This scenario looks set to continue, and IT will play a key role in supporting and improving this new way of thinking about the business model.

By 2023, we will definitely see more innovations in disruptive technologies, such as new applications in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing, blockchain, and ultra-fast network protocols with 5G.

But because these transformative digital technologies do not exist in isolation from one another, by 2023 borders will become increasingly fluid.

New solutions for augmented work, hybrid and remote work, business decision making, and automating manual, routine, and creative workloads will combine these technologies.

This will bring us closer than ever to the point where we will be able to create “smart enterprises” with compatible systems and processes to efficiently complete both simple and complex tasks.

Operational Excellence Must be the Focus of IT in 2023

Gartner analysts argue that IT leaders must look beyond cost savings and seek new ways to achieve operational excellence and accelerate digital transformation.

The technological trends for 2023 must be built around three axes: improve, expand and lead. The innovations can help companies that want to improve flexibility and confidence in their operations, expand vertical solutions and product delivery, or even pioneer other forms of sharing, quick responses, or business opportunities.

But they also highlight the need to pay attention to ESG practices. It’s time to invest in sustainable technology, a framework for solutions that reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of IT services, enabling business sustainability through technologies such as monitoring, analytics, emissions management software, and artificial intelligence; and help clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustainability will be one of the big drivers of IT investments. Increasingly, organizations will recognize that data-driven insights and improved integration into supply chains help drive business value through more efficient and sustainable models that support the global effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Automation and Outsourcing Maintain Growth

Organizations will increasingly automate data-driven decision intelligence to reduce the huge costs of wasted opportunities by unlocking value from previously isolated data.

Process automation, such as IT support outsourcing, will grow as businesses need to do more with less. The various outsourcing services help to achieve maximum results without additional expenses.

It’s virtually impossible to have a team that can solve every challenge, because no matter how many employees you have, there will always be a project that requires niche knowledge or even routine tasks that don’t require an internal resource.

In the end, what we will see as IT trends for 2023 will be the technologies that truly support differentiated business initiatives, delivering agility, innovation, and shorter time to market.

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