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Johnny Depp: After He Fell From Grace, He Also Showed His Side as a Musician and Painter

After rising to glory in the ’90s and becoming one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors for his quirky personality, Johnny Depp is facing his own demons after losing a first experience that proves his reputation for violence.

A decade ago, with his Oscar nominations, Depp was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. On one occasion, he claimed he was “overpaid” for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, at around $300 million.

In recent years, he’s been in the eye of a hurricane after box office flops, marital crises and addiction issues.

Having put the world under his feet, the situation turned into a whirlwind against the famous actor.

Newspapers around the world do not talk about anything other than the millionaire’s debts due to the disorderly spending and auctions he makes to sell his art collection (which includes the work of Basquiat) and thus pay the bills that took him (such as some means of communication reported) to bankruptcy.

He’s even been accused of getting drunk at an awards show or movie premiere and how bad he’s been since his divorce from actress Amber Heard.

However, in recent months Depp has devoted himself to creating videos for his fans. Some showed other aspects of their various sides as artists through their interpretation of music and painting.

Recently posted:

Welcome, everyone! I just wanted to thank you all once again for your continued and loyal support throughout the many episodes of my long and joyful life… I’m here just for you, and I’m here just for you! Thank you so much and love to you for everything.

In May, in full quarantine, the actor also finished painting an oil painting that he had started at least 14 years ago.

I found this palette, started in 2006… 14 years ago, never touched it, a glimpse at best. But somehow those unfinished business lingered in my mind.

The painting is a still life in which you can see a bottle of wine from Adega Calon.

Interestingly, there are things that we once gave pure, intense focus and dedication to for months. Then the wind suddenly changed and we set off towards a new target. And for a long time, these past interests or feelings unfortunately fall by the wayside.

On his Instagram feed also a few weeks ago, he garnered over 4 million views with this thread dedicated to “Changes”.

He recalled Bob Dylan’s song “The Times They Are A-Changin” and came up with an idea to compare the song to the current situation and the Corona virus crisis.

‘The times that are changing’

Two months before the world was exposed to the shocking live coverage of JFK’s relentless and bloodthirsty assassination and JFK’s public assassination in November 1963, Bob Dylan sat down to write a song… that was for just a few weeks. Before the tragic Kennedy assassination. Dylan has already achieved stratospheric fame thanks to his treasure-producing ability and poetic abilities. He really raised the level of songwriting to an untouchable level. He has also become a reluctant prophet, which can be quite an occupational hazard… However, he has kept himself in check while dodging all manner of thugs, vampires, angles, arrows, ignorance, injustice, and scrutiny from his family. life. His intentions remained pure. So he sat down and wrote the gold standard of protest songs, a poetic, mind-boggling, pivotal, most important and incredible protest song the world will ever know: “The Times They Are A-Changin.” Dylan’s music applies to Covid-19 as well as the transformative image of George Floyd, etched forever into our brains… in 1963 Applies to everything before and everything after and everything will be.
I chose to play this song live, for my friend @drbarbarasturm Covid several weeks ago… I didn’t really know how to play it but I thought I’d give it a try because it sounds great. It applies now more than ever. It was filmed two weeks before our mass paralysis ended with footage of our fellow human George Floyd being brutally tortured to death on live TV.

Let us take a moment to remember the sacrificial hero George Floyd and look with hope at the changes his tragic death will bring. A tribute to the reluctant prophet Bob Dylan and the dream of change that inspired him then, now and in the future… His influence is that of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Hunter Thompson, Marlon Brando, Woody Guthrie, William Blake, Picasso, Bach and Mozart .
Dylan’s music must always be close to you!!! all love and respect

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