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Learn to Sleep Well in the Summer Heat

The first months of the year are marked by heavy rains and high temperatures, prompting residents to use creativity to beat the heat, which includes everything from swimming pools and wet towels on the windows to hose showers and lollipops. The summer of 2020 to 2022 was affected by the La Nina phenomenon, which increased the flow of storms and, according to climatologists, is heading towards neutrality, relieving those who prepare to enjoy the sun of the season.

One thing is certain: the planet is warming. According to the latest report from the Copernicus Climate Change Service, the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme, 2022 was the eighth consecutive year with a climate at least 1 degree Celsius warmer than the pre-industrial period (1850 – 1900) and by Joao Gallinaro, psychiatrist. Specializing in sleep medicine, heat can affect sleep and, in turn, health. “The ambient temperature, too hot or too cold, makes it difficult to sleep and maintain it. The heat, for example, can cause several awakenings during the night, affecting the quality of rest and the functioning of the organism, ”he explains. .

Effective sleep depends on the temperature curve responsible for falling asleep and maintaining rest during the night. “As bedtime approaches, there is a slight drop in body temperature, which lasts all night until 4am, when it rises again,” Joao explains. The curve is necessary for sleep and “very hot nights can make a good sleep impossible, causing awakenings that affect the rest structure, reduce the amount of deep sleep and REM sleep, which is important for purifying the body and good functioning of the body, such as the secretion of hormones”, advises the psychiatrist.

There is no ideal temperature for sleeping, but studies show that very cold environments, ranging between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius, are conducive to a good night’s sleep. And he adds: “It is necessary to respect the privacy of each individual, because this is not a rule and some prefer to sleep in warmer or cooler places.”

To help you sleep better during the summer, on very hot days, Gallinaro offers some tips:

Prepare the Environment:

“Ventilated rooms are important for the temperature curve to occur, so sleeping with the window open or the fan running can help air circulation and lower the room temperature. Just be careful with noise, which it’s another factor that interferes with sleep.” reveals Joao Gallinaro.

Garment Care:

The psychiatrist points out that “pajamas should be fresh, light and allow enough perspiration of the body. The same goes for sheets and bedding, which need to be adapted to this time of year.”

Looking at the Food:

He noted that “fatty meals need to be avoided at night, because the body tends to work harder to digest foods that contain carbohydrates and fats, leading to heat production. You should also not eat foods that increase body temperature, like like pepper.”

Exercising Regularly:

“Physical activity has an effect on the temperature curve, making it easier to lower it before bed. If you want to exercise at night, keep a three-hour interval between activity and bedtime,” explains John Gallinaro.

Drinking Water:

Good hydration throughout the day prevents excess fluids before bed. Take a warm shower before bedtime: “A shower three hours before bedtime will help cool down and make it easier to fall asleep even on the hottest days,” he concludes.

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