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MensWear: 6 Trends That Will Dominate The Fall

We are already in the middle of autumn and it is time to adapt our wardrobe to new trends. If what you want is to dress elegantly, would you like to have a modern look? Knowing the big trends of 2022 is the best option. The key is to adopt the items that best suit your style. Stock up on inspiration and find modern, stylish and comfortable menswear, discover the season’s must-have styles and colors!

Leather Accessories

Leather remains a timeless material in the men’s wardrobe. Durable and versatile, it holds the years beautifully, never fading. You can create a sporty or stylish look depending on the type of leather clothing (eg pants or coats) or accessories (eg shoes or belts) you wear. To design clothes that do not go unnoticed in every season, choose black leather, cognac or dark blue.

Plaid Shirts

Geometry is in fashion, especially on t-shirts. Immortal Paintings are back! To be in fashion this season, opt for classic prints like tartan and cotton, which are a sure bet, or even oversized window panels. Men’s shirts of all types are always a perfect choice to wear in style, so choosing striped or monochromatic shirts is also a great option. However, we left behind the short-sleeved shirts, typical of summer and more adapted to beach and vacation contexts but not to autumn and winter.

Plaid Shirts

In autumn, thicker materials allow you to change styles. It can be worn over shirts, jackets or cardigans and will add a warm touch to your look. They are always the star element of the season and protect well from the cold during the first half without getting too hot.

Oversized Jackets and Coats

Whether it’s a classic colorful coat or a sleeveless puffer jacket, plus size is definitely popular! It adds a casual touch to your look with a very subtle twist. The ideal colors for such clothes during the season will be brown, beige and natural green. Hide fluorescent and violet clothes in the back of the closet.

Combine Shoes and Boots

In 2022, stylish men wear “two-color” ankle boots or shoes. Leather and fabrics, as well as the edges of our beautiful models offered in various classic colors (brandy, black, brown) will give you a distinct feeling every step of the way! For a totally “chic” look, also consider Cadillacs. Shoes are an essential part of a look that can ruin them or make them look bad.

Classic High Collar

The turtleneck can be worn alone, whether elegant or casual, under a jacket or with a top. In soft wool or cotton versions, they are everywhere this season! It is a comfortable and elegant attire for occasions whose etiquette is elegant but not too formal. It is indeed the perfect combination of casual and elegant style. To create a chic and trendy autumn look, try pairing smart clothes with more relaxed outfits. You can, among other things, wear a stylish jacket with a sporty or simple look, like jeans and a t-shirt, or even turtleneck pants and a fleece jacket.

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