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Moving “space” in Domestic Technology: Turkey’s Global Power will Increase

ASELSAN has made a series of moves in the field of satellite technologies in line with the national technology transfer approach, which includes important technologies that will increase Turkey’s global competitiveness and ensure its economic and technological independence.

ASELSAN brings national technologies to the country with its investments in satellite technologies. In line with Turkey’s recent satellite/space roadmap, ASELSAN has accelerated its studies on satellite technologies and has taken important roles with its products and services in various components of satellite technologies. Aselsan has made a series of moves in the field of satellite technologies in line with the national technology transfer approach, which includes important technologies that will increase Turkey’s global competitiveness and ensure its economic and technological independence.

Focus on Space Technologies:

Satellite communication systems were ready in the first decade of the 21st century. With the national solutions of the last few years, external dependence on this issue has vanished.

With the support of the project coordinated by the Presidency of the Defense Industry, satellite modems, radio frequency systems, antenna systems, software and equipment that will provide the communications infrastructure in satellite systems have been enriched with the ecosystem created with local and national companies. .

During these studies, the studies were carried out in intensive collaboration with universities as well as subsidiary industries and small and medium-sized companies. ASELSAN continued to increase its new technologies and designs in the field of satellite technologies.

ASELSAN works on the ground with domestic and reliable satellite communication solutions, including satellite ground control centers for land, air and sea platforms, meeting the growing needs in Turkey and abroad.

The company under the general classification of space systems as a strategic objective for space technologies and satellites. It continues to work intensively on payload and communications subsystems in the space segment (orbital craft and/or satellites), fixed and portable ground stations and control centers in the ground segment, satellite communication stations for all platforms.

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Solve the Need for high-speed Data Download from Satellite:

One of ASELSAN’s studies on satellite/space technologies was carried out for the X-Band High Speed Transmitter Module.

As LEO satellites move, they can download images as they enter the field of view of the ground station. Satellites operating in orbit at an altitude of 500 to 800 km move at an average speed of 7.5 km per second and can stay within the field of view of a ground station located in Ankara for an average of 8 to 10 minutes. . The speed at which the images are downloaded is critical, as the time frames within which the viewing angle is provided are limited.

The distance between the satellite and the ground station is greatest as the satellite moves in and out of the field of view of the earth station, and the distance between the satellite and the ground station decreases as it approaches the earth station and passes over the earth station .

If there is no change in the characteristics of the communication channel during the transit of the satellite, it is possible to obtain higher data rates at close distances than at long distances. Systems used on existing LEO satellites and X-band transmission download at a constant data rate while viewing the ground station. This hinders the ability to download data at higher speeds as the satellite approaches the ground station and passes over the ground station.

Parallel to the development of satellites and remote sensing technologies, the dimensions of the images generated by these satellites are also increasing. The frequency band assigned in the X-band to Earth observation satellites by the International Telecommunication Union is fixed and covers the range from 8025 MHz to 8400 MHz. This avoids the use of more bandwidth and encourages the use of different technologies to make more efficient use of the current 375 MHz frequency band.

Provides Maximum Data Download:

The X-band high-speed transmitter module, developed by ASELSAN, uses the frequency band more efficiently than conventional transmitters and provides maximum opportunity for data download while passing through the ground station with variable data rate support .

The data, which is downloaded from the satellite to the ground station at the rate of two with conventional transmitters, can be downloaded simultaneously using the X-band high-speed transmitter unit, while the satellite is in orbit. In addition, the total amount of data downloaded using the X-band high-speed transmitter during the entire transmission period is 1.5 times that of conventional transmitters.

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