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New Year’s Makeup: A Show of Makeup Artists.

Makeup for the New Year’s mood does not always start with lipstick and end with sparkles in the eyes. There are at least four more options: professional makeup artists show and tell


On New Year’s Eve, I wanted to do my makeup. With silver accents, that’s where the holiday is associated.
I have snowflakes, tinsel, bright Christmas toys and candies.

The makeup itself is monochrome and elegant: only black and silver are used as accent tones, so I designed the face, eyebrows and lips in a neutral way. On the upper eyelid only bright shadows and graphic elements as the main accent.

I added a graphical inside corner to the classic black arrows. I copied the black arrow at the top along with the silver arrow, making it wider. I also added interesting silver elements above the inner corners of the eyes. I emphasized the outline a bit with shadows to make it more noticeable, since the silver can be blended with the skin.

I got the silver by mixing loose pigments with a special thinner. Finally, I glued the silver stars to the inner corner and below the outer arrow. The lips are outlined with a nude lipstick and a dark colored pencil so that the main focus remains on the eyes. I put glitter on it So that the lips are in harmony with the bright eyes.


This December 31, let yourself be carried away by the best Parisian traditions of the 2000’s sequins, glitter, hair, pink and happiness. It’s always better to get through the tough last year in style.

Apply intense matte shadows all over the mobile eyelid. and closer
In the inner corner of the lower and upper eyelids – a matte gloss. Draw the corner of the eye and don’t forget to apply pink pigment on the lips. And, of course, a matte blush on the cheeks.

Beauty tip: do not buy bright pink shadows for New Year’s makeup. The best thing is to take a blush palette, that you can use every day, and the most vivid color (there are always some very vivid blushes in blush palettes that you will never put on your cheeks), paint your eyes.

I love bold blush palettes. They have matte, satin and glossy shades. The colors are pink and peach, but in each of them you can find a suitable shade for you. And if you are still more than just a makeup lover and want to have a solid and bright pink shade in your collection, choose the pink concrete from Krygina Cosmetics.


On holidays, for some reason, it is customary to paint the face to match the color of the New Year’s decor, but I decided to use colored arrows – if you paint them in the inner and outer corners, they will visually enlarge the eyes and make they look brighter. It will be at its peak in 2022. Add it with a rhinestone decoration.

Straight to the point: how to glue rhinestones? It is important that they are only on a fixed eyelid, that is, above the crease. Thus, you can blink easily, your eyes will not get tired, and nothing will itch and tear. It will be more beautiful if the rhinestones are of different sizes: 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm in diameter, for example.

It is easier to glue rhinestones on eyelash glue, which must be applied immediately to the eyelid, in the opposite direction, where you want to glue them. Then put some rhinestones in this place. With such a bright shade on the eyes, it is better not to overload the skin and lips. So I just did a very light even color correction using cream products and used lip glosses.


The main focus of my makeup is the rounded arrows. The singer Grimes had similar songs at the Met Gala this year, I remembered them and decided to repeat them sometime. I added an ocean of rhinestones to myself New Year’s Eve, after all.

By the way, the color of the arrows is mixed with blue and black concrete, making it more interesting and deep. I also colored my eyelashes with this mixture. I made the tone and correction neutral so as not to distract from the eyes. But she didn’t leave her lips completely invisible: she added a light winter blush with Krygina Cosmetics’ new Peony tint and Dark Red Concrete, shading them with a soft synthetic brush.

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