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Racing Thought Syndrome: There is no Cure, but it Can Be Controlled

The Accelerated Thinking Syndrome (PAS) is not a disease, but a symptom related to anxiety. When we talk about this syndrome, we talk about the personal difficulty to relax, calm down, regulate the mind and the continuous search for information and stimuli, that is, there is a torrent of racing thoughts all the time, which makes concentration difficult. and undermines physical and mental health.

“It is worth noting that a symptom becomes pathological, depending on its severity,” explains Christian Doiz Verzaro dos Santos, a psychologist at the Center for Psychological and Psychopedagogical Support (NAPP) of the Faculdade Santa Marcelina.

How does it Seem? What are the Main Symptoms?

The dizzying pace of large centers produces an excessive amount of information, resulting in a thinking, restless, impatient mind, with difficulties in the creative field and a low level of tolerance. The main objectives of this case are to constantly evaluate professionals and with an accelerated pace of work, without being able to relax, so as not to compromise their performance, such as: executives, teachers, health professionals, journalists, among others.

It is Manifested by the Following Symptoms:

Excessive anxiety, emotional instability, insomnia, intolerance to frustration, lack of concentration, excessive tiredness, tiredness upon awakening, physical pain (headache or muscle ache), restlessness due to anticipation and memory impairment.

What Causes this Problem?

In the accelerated thinking syndrome (PAS), the causes can arise from some disorders such as: anxiety, bipolar, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), borderline, and as a consequence of drug abuse, such as cocaine. At the spa, restlessness symptoms gradually increase over the years, which means that extreme variation in one’s behavior can occur. One of the main causes of the performance evaluation system is the accumulation of information, together with social issues such as: exaggeration of stimuli (use of mobile phones and technologies, social networks, speed of information), excessive gambling, etc.

Are there Risk Factors Associated with SPA?

The SPA stand produces an amazing formation of ideas, which at high speed end up stressing and exhausting the brain. In fact, it is related to the intensity and volume of thoughts and ideas, that is, the acceleration of thought increases anxiety and interferes with physical and mental health. Not being able to stop the mind and having difficulty stopping thought, the individual ends up suffering in anticipation. Another characteristic is the exaggerated and inexplicable physical fatigue. This is because those who suffer from this syndrome, when they think a lot, tend to steal energy from the cerebral cortex, which is the most developed layer of the brain, energy that must be used to maintain the body’s organs. And since this does not happen, the body responds with fatigue. SPA patients show a type of behavior in which they lose interest in things very easily. They try really hard to achieve something, but get discouraged right after. So they are looking for something new to achieve, that is, they are in an eternal search for happiness and satisfaction.

How is the Syndrome Diagnosed?

SPA symptoms are well defined but may be associated with other disorders. Reports of difficulty “switching off” are common, particularly at bedtime. Your thoughts are racing so fast that your brain can’t start the sleep cycle. This difficulty can lead to short- and medium-term memory problems, as well as irritability. It is also common for people with PAS to have difficulty accepting suggestions and to have impulsive patterns such as not thinking before acting or saying something. Other symptoms that are considered psychosomatic are headaches, muscle pain, gastritis and even hair loss that can appear. To obtain a correct diagnosis, seek the help of a psychologist, he or she will evaluate the symptoms presented, as well as the context in which they are introduced.

How is the SPA Treatment Done?

First, it is necessary to “work out” the anxiety of thoughts, strive to understand that there is no way to solve all problems. Divide daily tasks as well as work activities so as not to overwork and to reduce self-demand and self-demand. It is recommended to avoid long working hours and take more frequent vacations for short periods whenever possible. Take more breaks from your routine, such as taking time to read or enjoy the sun without thinking about other activities. Physical activities are also very effective in treating racing thinking syndrome, as they act as a moment of relaxation to slow down the mind. Reducing your access to social media is great for combating mind racing, as by reducing the number of times you access the internet, you also reduce your exposure to information, as well as the comparisons that occur as a result. Planning a day where you prioritize that day helps organize your mind so you don’t overload your thoughts. This organization is important to develop feelings for the work that is being done. The most appropriate treatment for SPA is psychotherapy, with the aim of controlling thoughts and managing emotions.

Does the Treatment Include Medication?

Another aspect of treatment is psychological monitoring, which will help identify and indicate anxiolytics and antidepressants. Anxiolytics help the patient reduce anxiety and stress, while antidepressants can balance mood.

Can conditions such as Anxiety Disorder and Depression Cause or Worsen this Syndrome?

It all depends on the severity of the symptoms. Anxiety and depression can be understood as one of the causes of PAS and worsen the condition. Therefore, psychotherapy and psychotherapy together help manage improvement.

Is the Syndrome Curable?

When we talk about mental health, we are not talking about recovery. Therefore, racing thinking syndrome can be addressed and controlled. The treatment varies from one case to another, since it is carried out adapting to the daily habits of each individual.

What are the Life changes that a SPA Patient can Adopt During and After the Treatment of the Syndrome?

Despite the importance of social networks and work in our lives, it is essential to understand when it is time to relax. It is important:

  • Set limits and know your responsibilities.
  • It’s knowing when to relax and when to act.
  • Go to therapy: A psychiatrist will help you regulate your thoughts and feelings, as well as learn to care and take ownership of what really matters.
  • Play sports, yoga and physical activity in general.

Taking care of the mind and body is essential, as is controlling access to accessible technology and information. It’s easy to overeat, especially when you’re tired.

What is the Relationship between ADHD and SPA?

ADHD has a genetic origin and causes severe symptoms of anxiety, and therefore anxiety and agitation. It is also common for these singularities to present early in life, that is, in childhood and in the presence of a family history of pathology. SPA arises at the moment of life, where the individual is introduced. It occurs in adult life, as a consequence of the social situations to which the individual is exposed.

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