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Rafa Nadal explains his tears at Roger Federer’s Difficult Farewell: “It Got out of Hand”.

It’s the best, period. On and off the track, Rafa Nadal continues to display admirable luxury.

Last Friday, Roger Federer, who announced his retirement at 41 days, played his last match with Rafael Nadal. He chose the Swiss-Spanish as his partner for everything he represented not only for tennis, but for the sport itself.

A rivalry that is already history. But also a pure friendship. That’s why good old Rafa was moved when Federer said goodbye to the all-O2 in London:

Then the tears continued. Both Nadal and Federer starred in a photo that went viral around the world:

In the early hours of last Sunday, Rafa Nadal visited “El Partidazo de COPE”. On the radio show hosted by Juanma Castaño, the Spaniard appreciated Federer’s personality, was honest about his tears and announced that he still hadn’t thought about giving up.

“I’m a sensitive person, so when you see someone you can say goodbye, it’s hard not to get emotional. I got a little out of control, and the worst was that when I entered the room I got carried away again. It was hard not because of everything that had happened that night. I didn’t see the image. I didn’t grow up with social media, I just look at it from time to time. I don’t live all day with social media.”

Did you Imagine her Goodbye at that Moment?

“Nothing, zero. I know my retirement moment will come within an ‘x’ or ‘x’ a little longer, but at 36 and a half we’re in the final stages of my career. That and I don’t want to think about it. It wasn’t. My feeling is because of that, but because of the appreciation I have for Federer.

Friendly Relationship Between Nadal and Federer

“Our relationship, like any other, has its phases. It was a good relationship from the beginning and it has strengthened over the years. Ordinary people somehow value a competitor, as long as the competitor is a good person. world and competing itself meant that our personal relationship was perhaps more important.From a professional relationship Sometimes we argue Off the track, on the track No. But this is normal He and I, as we have been through trials, joys and sorrows together, arrived to a point in the last ten to twelve years that we especially enjoyed what each of these games did.

The Best Match Between Federer and Nadal?

“2008 was the most important year and 2017 was the second, because after a period of injury we came back to put ourselves in a special place.”

“In Hamburg, Federer broke my streak of 81 straight victories on clay. After the match… I finished the game, he hit me and when we got to the dressing room I left, and before going to the press conference I arrived a little later, I saw him taking a shower and said to him, “Could you have borrowed the shirt you’re wearing? I won and kept it as a souvenir. At Roland Garros in 2009, I’ll be honest with you: at the time I didn’t want Federer to win the final. It is a reality. At the time I had options to be number 1. What is certain, I’m a person who loves sports, and I beat Federer in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Someone very close to me deserved to win and that’s why I had to complete the top four. When he wins, I get emotional and cry at home to see someone like Federer win, and I appreciate him very much. It makes me emotional and cries. Mathematically, winning was a bad thing for me, but it felt fair and logical to me.

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