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Real Madrid Without Ideas Punches Osasuna and Gives Leadership to Barcelona

An unexpected hole for Real Madrid Last Sunday, December 2, Osasuna visited the Santiago Bernabéu, a week after the national team’s break. After winning six consecutive LaLiga matches, Ancelotti’s men were unable to face the great Osasuna.

After Barcelona beat Mallorca thanks to a great goal from Lewandowski, the tournament’s top scorer, and a friend of Ter Stegen, the Catalan team leads the competition with the Madrid hole.

Thus, the Whites leave the first points of the season after a game in which they did not know how to create the opportunities they were used to – due to the loss of midfield – and did not embody the small number they obtained.

Only Real Madrid knew how to attack Osasuna’s defense on one side. He turned all the matches against Vinicius, against Nacho Vidal, who held on in the first half, but struggled in the final minutes of the match.

The Brazilian hit several times and tried to find Benzema limping, who still has time to get back to his best. It’s not just a comeback with the injury anymore, but before he realizes he’s tired, it’s like it’s not like last season.

Vinicius Controversial Goal

Carlo Ancelotti’s team found the goal by chance. Vinicius, with all of Real Madrid in the red, looked for his teammates. His ball surprised everyone, it reached mid-height, no one managed to finish it and went off the far post, while Sergio Herrera asked for an offside from Rudiger that neither the referee nor the VAR appreciated.

The objective is to give Real Madrid air, more than just passing them through the dressing rooms. Real Madrid believed and sought, in the second half, a goal that would allow them not only to breathe with ease, but also to take turns and look to the Champions League.

Great Goal from Kike García for a 1-1 Position

But if Osasuna de Arrasate shows anything, it’s that he never gives up. Kike García showed coach Rojillo that he was not wrong in his bet to fix the quarterback. And high, he hit Rudiger, with his back to the goal, heading the ball that went to the team furthest from Lunin who replaced the injured Courtois.

The pitch, as usual at the Santiago Bernabéu, turned towards the opposing goal. Osasuna got smaller, undressed to practically stand in front of his trunk.

Benzema Misses a Penalty

In one of those times that he left the spaces, David Garcia avoided a clear goal from Benzema, after a push that led to him being sent off and a penalty missed by the French striker, like months, against Sergio Herrera.

Not even playing with five forwards allowed Real Madrid to score another goal. There are times when quantity does not determine the quality of occasions. Osasuna, Arasat and Sergio Herrera survived one of the most difficult courses.

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