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Scientists Say that Eating Chocolate is Very Good

Researchers at the University of Leeds in the UK have identified why eating chocolate feels so good.

Scientists have analyzed the process that occurs when we eat chocolate, focusing more on texture than flavor.

They claim that where the fat is within the chocolate helps make it smooth and pleasant to the taste.

Study leader Siavash Sultan Ahmadi hopes the findings will lead to the development of a “new generation” of healthy chocolate.

When the chocolate is placed in the mouth, its surface releases a layer of fat that gives a different sensation.

But the researchers say the fats deeper within the chocolate play a limited role, so the amount can be reduced without affecting the sensation the chocolate provides.

Professor Anwesha Sarkar, from the Leeds School of Food Sciences and Nutrition, said: “It is the location of the fat in the composition of the chocolate that is important at each stage of lubrication, and this is rarely investigated.” .

“Our research opens up the possibility that manufacturers could intelligently engineer dark chocolate to reduce total fat,” said Soltan Ahmadi.

The team used a three-dimensional, tongue-like prosthetic surface designed at the University of Leeds to conduct the study, and the researchers hope the same equipment could be used to investigate other texture-altering foods, such as ice cream, margarine and cheese. .

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