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Somallao Rivas Combines “Star Dishes” in a Unique Menu

Ten years of Gastronomy go a long way. Especially in a restaurant like Somallao, in Rivas Vaciamadrid, which for a decade has been an obligatory reference for events, celebrations or business meetings in the southeast of Madrid. The place, which for a few months has had an impressive image, surprises this fall with a guaranteed hit menu, consisting of dishes that have won over most palates at hundreds of dinners and lunches over the last decade.

Restaurant Inside Somallao

Somallao’s new menu is, above all, a celebration of good food created together with its regular customers and those who come to this establishment, just a few minutes from Madrid, to enjoy a special occasion. Whether it’s an intimate dinner with your partner, a family meal or a moment to recharge your batteries after exploring the landscapes of the Southeast Regional Park, Somallao becomes a must-see this season for lovers of good food.

The menu already includes several safe bets from the beginning: from grilled peppers with cod pearls to burrata salad with genovese pesto, grilled octopus thigh with a layer of truffled mashed potatoes or classic scrambled eggs with ham and cheese with walnuts or a wheel of Iberian ham with tomato bread.

In this section, to whet your appetite, they include one of the most popular dishes: tripe à madrilena, with a spicy touch, where Chef José Luis Trigo, Alberto and the rest of the team show their skill when it comes to cooking. It cooks with the tradition of slow fire and full of flavor. Not surprisingly, this cooking technique is one of Somallao’s main claims, as spoon-in-hand, beans with oysters, Galician pot or the famous Madrilenian stew can be tasted daily with a spoon.

Before heading down to the sea or land, we find two other keys to Somallao’s success: risotto (this season, with spinach and prawns or boletus and ham) and the wok, timeless proposals for those who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Menu is a spoon and a “traditional” dish of fish or meat, but make sure you make the right choice.

But yes, there is also meat and fish. With options for all tastes and appetites, from the “classic” roast beef loin with glace sauce, potatoes and vegetables to the Seville tail, caramelized beef or roasted lamb shoulder: this roast with the “ratatouille effect” transports you to the heart of Segovia, without leaving the Madrid metropolitan area. There is also no shortage of snacks, with venison sauce with a touch of chocolate, an explosive mixture of flavors that will not leave you indifferent.

No, there is no shortage of fish (cod with milder temperatures, a classic that has always earned a place, in its own right, on the menu at Somallao Rivas; hake with garlic and salmon with herbs or Piquillo Bilbao-style sea bass) on the birthday menu. , which ends, of course, with a range of ‘stellar’ homemade desserts. In this sweet “tropic” we find French toast with caramel brioche with ice cream, classic cheesecake, chocolate fudge with vanilla or chocolate sponge cake with nuts and ice cream.

With this menu, David Maestre, maître d’ Somallao Rivas, and the team of waiters at Rivas Vaciamadrid highlight: “We want to remember and preserve the best moments lived by our customers, and celebrate life around a table with unforgettable flavors that are the reason to repeat it over and over again.”

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