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The 23 Best Destinations in the World to Visit in 2023

The best destinations in the world to visit in 2023 have been determined after a list published by the travel magazine. The ranking features a mix of old favorites worth visiting and lesser-known places open to travelers. Check the main destinations on the planet and plan your vacations for next year!

1. Samora – Spain

Few know -even in Spain- that Samora is the city with the most Romanesque architecture in Europe. In addition, its proximity to Madrid, an hour away thanks to a new high-speed train, puts the underrated city at the top of the list of places to visit.

The district includes integrated buildings consisting of 23 temples and 14 churches in the historic district. This architecture is joined by the cathedral, 24 other churches, a castle, walls, a bridge, two palaces and nine houses.

2. Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea and includes three Mexican states, as well as parts of Belize and Guatemala. In the Caribbean, Mexico’s Riviera Maya resort area sits between two popular destinations: Cancun, with its high-rise hotels and nightlife. And further along the coast is the archaeological site of Tulum, a quieter area that is a rare oceanfront example of the Mayan ruins found throughout the interior of the peninsula. The area is the destination of many Brazilians throughout the year!

3. Japan

Japan has dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks, and thousands of shrines and temples that attract many tourists from around the world. Shinkansen bullet trains connect the main islands: Kyushu (with Okinawa’s subtropical beaches), Honshu (home to Tokyo and site of the Hiroshima atomic bomb memorial), and Hokkaido (famous as a ski destination). The capital, Tokyo, is known for its skyscrapers, department stores, and pop culture.

4. Wells

Weles is known for its mountainous national parks, its distinctive Welsh language, and its Celtic culture. Cardiff, the capital, is an upscale seaside city with lively nightlife, a medieval castle with ornate neo-Gothic interiors, and surroundings that will make your visit unforgettable. Be sure to visit Snowdonia National Park, with its lakes, glaciers, walking trails and railways leading to the top of Mount Snowdon.

5. Vienna – Austria

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is located on the banks of the Danube River. Its artistic and intellectual legacy has been enriched by the works of figures such as Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, who lived there. The city is also known for its imperial palaces, such as Schönbrunn, the summer home of the Habsburg family. In the Museum Quarter, there are historic and contemporary buildings displaying works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and other artists. Make sure you see as much art as possible before you go!

6. Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands is an archipelago of 40 cays in the Atlantic Ocean, a British territory southeast of the Bahamas. The island is home to the wide beach of Grace Bay, as well as luxury resorts, shops and restaurants. Dive sites include a 14-mile barrier reef off the north coast of Provo and an impressive 7,000-foot wall near Grand Turka Island, all to make your trip even more exciting!

7. Taiwan

Taiwan has modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot spring resorts, and picturesque mountainous terrain—and everything you need for an unforgettable trip in 2023. Taipei, the country’s capital in the north, is known for its bustling night markets, Chinese imperial art at the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101, a 509-meter-tall bamboo skyscraper with an observation deck.

8. Srinagar – India

Srinagar, the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, is located in the heart of the Kashmir Valley at an altitude of 1,730 meters above sea level. The city of 900,000 people is known for its natural beauty, gardens, beaches and houseboats. Also known as the City of Lakes and the Venice of the East, it has fascinated tourists for centuries with its stunning Himalayan scenery, shimmering lakes ringed with houseboats, and grandeur of Mughal-style architecture.

9. Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Sharjah may not be the most popular destination in the Emirates like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but there are plenty of good things to include in this ranking. In the Heritage District, you will find several buildings that have been restored using original materials. In the central square is the Arsah market with Qalaat al-Hosn and the center for traditional crafts of the nearby emirate. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Sharjah Desert Park, Al Arsa Market, Central Market and Al Noor Mosque.

10. Queensland – Australia

Queensland is a state of Australia with a coastline of about 7,000 kilometers. The region has the largest coral reef system in the world, home to thousands of marine species. Cairns offers access to the Daintree Reef and Rainforest. The capital, Brisbane, is surrounded by beaches ideal for surfing on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. A paradise for lovers of marine life and lots of blue sea!

11. Ollantaytambo – Peru

Ollantaytambo is a National Archaeological Park of Inca architecture located near Cusco, Peru, where tours revolve around various archaeological sites close to the city, including Ollantaytambo.

In the town there are small craft shops and markets with water and food. Trains leave every day from the train station to Aguas Calientes, from where you can reach Machu Picchu. For those who want to know more about culture, from the point of view of the inhabitants themselves, it is worth visiting the Biomuseo, a place little known by tourists, but with a rich cultural heritage.

12. Mustang – Nepal

For decades, Nepal has been a favorite Himalayan destination for backpackers and trekkers drawn by its deep-rooted spirituality, endless adventure offerings, and sky-piercing peaks. This has not been the case for many luxury travelers, who often choose neighboring Bhutan for its outstanding collection of luxurious mountain lodges. A notable feature of the area are the thousands of cliff dwellings, some of which are inaccessible. This is a group of approximately 10,000 man-made caves carved into the slopes and valleys of Mustang.

13. Mendoza – Argentina

Mendoza is an Argentine city located in the most viticultural region of the country, famous for its Malbec and other red wines. In different wineries, tastings and visits are possible. The city has wide tree-lined boulevards, lined with modern and Art Deco buildings, and smaller squares around Plaza Independencia, home to the underground Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno, with exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

14. Memphis – United States

Memphis is a city located on the Mississippi River in the state of Tennessee, known for the influential genres of blues, soul, and rock and roll that originated there. Elvis Presley, b. King and Johnny Cash have recorded albums at the legendary Sun Studio, and Elvis’ Graceland mansion is a coveted landmark. Other music attractions include the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, the Blues Hall of Fame and the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. They are all a mandatory stop on your trip there!

15. Melides – Portugal

Melides is a little-known paradise on the Alentejo coast in Portugal. The destination stood out among global destinations, especially because its beaches are still deserted, in addition to the presence of kilometers of farms and many rice fields. With just over 1,500 inhabitants, Melides is a different kind of Portugal, with most of its beauty intact.

16. Marrakesh – Morocco

Marrakech, the former imperial city of Morocco, is an important economic center and has mosques, palaces and gardens. Medina is a bustling medieval walled city dating back to the Berber Empire, with labyrinthine streets where bustling souks (markets) sell traditional fabrics, pottery, and jewelry, making your experience here even more authentic. The Cutubia Mosque, dating from the 12th century, is a symbol of the city and can be seen from miles away.

17. Loire Valley – France

The Loire Valley is known as the Garden of France and the cradle of the French language. When you travel there, you can see the quality of its architectural heritage in its historic cities, especially its castles and its world-famous wines. The Loire Valley has a beautiful cultural landscape containing historic cities and towns!

18. Kenya

Kenya has long been a huge draw for safari travelers, but there are plenty of other compelling reasons to head across the ocean. The country includes savannahs, lakes, the stunning Great Rift Valley, and mountain plateaus, as well as being home to wildlife such as lions, elephants, and rhinos. From the capital Nairobi, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, which overlooks Tanzania’s 5,895-meter Mount Kilimanjaro.

19. Galilee – Israel

Galilee is a large region of Israel consisting mainly of rocky terrain, at an altitude of between 500 and 700 meters. There are several mountains in the area, including Mount Tabor and Mount Meron. Temperatures are relatively low and precipitation is high. Rivers and waterfalls make the area a tourist destination, along with vast fields of wild flowers and colorful plants, as well as several villages of biblical significance.

20. Egypt

Egypt dates back to the time of the pharaohs. In the list that does not contain a specific city, expect to find on your journey ruins built thousands of years ago and located along the fertile valley of the Nile River. Among them are the enormous Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, as well as the Karnak Temple (full of hieroglyphics) and the Valley of the Kings Tombs, both in Luxor. The capital, Cairo, is home to Ottoman monuments such as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali and the Egyptian Museum, with its collection of antiquities.

21. Central Coast – United States

The Central Coast, or Central Coast, is a region of the US state of California known for its agriculture and tourism. Major crops include wine grapes, lettuce, strawberries, and artichokes. The Salinas Valley, also in the region, is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the United States. Attractions include Cannery Row in Monterey, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, theaters, galleries, the white sand beaches of Carmel-by-the-Sea, golf courses at Pebble Beach and the Monterey Peninsula’s rugged coastline in Big Sur and Hearst Castle in St. Simeon.

22. British Columbia – Canada

The province of British Columbia, or British Columbia, is known for the pristine natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific coast. Don’t miss natural areas like Glacier National Park, which has hiking and biking trails, as well as camping areas. Whistler Blackcomb deserves to be on your itinerary as well, as it’s a major ski resort that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, among other attractions.

23. Auckland – New Zealand

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, although it has a population of just over 1.2 million. Also known as the ‘City of Sails’, due to its residents’ passion for wind power boats, Auckland is a complete destination: it offers its surfing beaches, quiet coves, charming neighborhoods with a good cultural and gastronomic offer, natural parks and walking trails. near volcanoes (active and inactive), boat rides, wineries.

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