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The Other Marbella

Marbella has always been associated with luxury tourism in recent decades. As Pin and Travel point out, this city is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol.

The name of this city in Malaga suggests elegance, opulence, beach and nightlife. However, far from this cliché of exclusivity and exclusivity, there is another Marbella, with a rustic and cool face, which fights for its claim and to preserve its historic footprint.

Old Town: Visiting the Past

Another Marbella shows us a historic city that values ​​its past. Roman, Arab and Christian monuments coexist in the historic centre, where narrow cobbled streets are a manifestation of the surviving centuries of history.

One of the great attractions is the castle wall of Marbella, a fortress considered the most important indigenous relic of Islamic civilization and declared a heritage site of cultural importance.

On the other hand, to really get to know a city, you need to visit the areas frequented by the locals. So, nothing better than a stroll through the historic center of the city on a ‘Baratello’ day, as Marbella residents call the typical street market in the neighborhood on Mondays.

As Plaza de los Naranjos is the heart of the old town, the streets around the center are full of beautiful corners to get lost in, with white and flowery buildings and typical shops to browse recreating an unmistakable Andalusian atmosphere.

Culture: The Capital of Emerging Art

In general, it is believed that Marbella is nothing more than a city of beaches, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. However, this city oozes culture around every corner: museums, theaters, cinemas, art galleries and cultural events keep citizens’ daily lives busy.

Although the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings, located in the old town, is one of the most famous, the Badr Al-Jundi Gallery, run by the Lebanese who give it its name, wants to transform Marbella into an emerging art capital. Located in a hotel, it brings together the most famous names in the world in the arena of youth art.

In addition, it is recommended to walk along Avenida del Mar between the 10 controversial statues of Dali towards Paseo Maritimo, where you can see temporary exhibitions in a more touristy environment dominated by restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.

Other Fun Activities

The tapas route through the bars of the Historic Center at sunset, when the lights are on, creates a magical atmosphere, different from the tourist area on the waterfront.

In this way, we gain time until one of the most traditional flamenco shows in the city begins, organized by Tablao Ana María Los Chatos.

Gastronomic Variety

The cuisine of Marbella stands out specifically for its great diversity, both in terms of prices and cultures.

Within walking distance you can find a mix of traditional and international restaurants, fine Michelin-starred restaurants and classic chiringuitos. Overall, it’s generally good value for money.

It is not necessary to get lost in the knowledge of this city. Another Marbella, far from the stereotypes of luxury tourism, shows us a historic city, full of activity, culture and tradition.

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