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The role of Chatbots in Customer Service

Brazil is one of the countries with the most chatbots in the world. Last year, the total number of robots already developed in the country increased by 47%, from 216,000 to 317,000. According to the Brazilian bot system map, Brazil currently has 58,000 active chatbots, exchanging 4.5 billion messages per month. This leads us to consider the importance of this tool for organizations, especially considering that digital marketing trends in 2023 point to a greater focus on personalized and interactive experiences.

The pandemic has led companies to invest in technologies that allow the creation of immersive and engaging experiences. With the increasing use of digital devices and the growing popularity of social networks, companies are finding in chatbots a solution to interact in innovative ways with their target audience. Here, it is important to highlight that there are many reasons why a chatbot is a great alternative to improve and simplify customer service in a company. Since a chatbot was developed to improve customer experiences, why not use it to fulfill orders 24 hours a day? Today nobody wants to wait for the service and they do not always have time to resolve their claims during business hours. Another related point is that chatbots allow us to improve and integrate processes, not only promoting satisfactory experiences for external audiences, but also generating support for internal audiences. In other words, a chatbot can simplify the business area of the company, automatically transmitting information and facilitating requests (not to mention that through chatbots, a manager can contribute and manage employee tasks, such as sending reminders and notifications). dating, for example).

Almost two years into the pandemic, we can safely say that chatbots have been essential for businesses to continue their operations. Thanks to this tool, many people have been able to meet the requirements of their customers. However, there are those who still wonder why companies opt for a technological resource based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate communications. The answer is simple: a chatbot is the most affordable solution for efficient and automated communication, without interruptions, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Additionally, chatbots have been shown to reduce expenses.

We still have a huge market to explore. Research on retail trends in 2023, carried out by Opinion Box and Dito, shows that 2023 will be marked by the consolidation of general multi-channel behavior. This shows us that it is hard to believe that today’s business can ignore the need to serve their customer without using a chatbot. Those who live there will see 2023 marked by digital transformation, with greater use of technology to improve the customer experience and, of course, business management. And whoever wants to attend in a personalized way, according to the idiosyncrasies of each client, must invest in and prioritize chatbots. The technology definitely goes beyond the market trend. It is the key to more and more interaction in human relationships.

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