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The Trendy Coffee Shops to Visit in Seoul, South Korea

Visiting coffee shops in a new city is one of the best parts of traveling. why? Cafe culture is a great way to get a taste of what locals love when it comes to music, design, architecture, and art. Coffee culture is one of the biggest parts of humanity, so why not explore the different variations as you travel the world?

Seoul, South Korea has a great selection of coffee shops. There are plenty of trendy cafes, as well as chic Parisian-style cafes, and of course themed cafes. Here are some of the best cafes to visit while you’re there.

943 Kings Cross:

For all you knowledgeable Harry Potter fans out there, yes, this cafe refers to the famous train station made famous in the beloved series, as well as the 9 3/4 train station. Located in Hongdae, this cool cafe is perfect for all HP fans and yes, you can have a Hagrid “Happee Birthae” cake while you’re there.

Banana Tree Coffee:

This cool cafe is located near Gangnam and is perfect for anyone who loves creative food. You get pot candy, complete with cookie soil and an edible plant! There are so many interesting desserts to try at this fun cafe.

Boulanger Maison Bocak:

Located in the Seongbuk-dong district, anyone looking for a coffee shop that is stylish and also unique, this is it. Lots of different breads to choose from for delicious sandwiches and bread bowls for soup. There are also plenty of good tasty cakes if you want something sweet with your coffee.

Layered Coffee:

Layered Cafe in Hongdae is a nice sweet cafe that will bring you tea and English scones. There are so many beautiful desserts to choose from that it will be quite a challenge to choose just one, so we recommend trying an entire batch.

Siesta Coffee Roasters:

While Coffee Nap Roasters offers delicious coffee to enjoy, the most interesting feature of this coffee shop is the brick seating area and the circular window that overlooks the quiet street that the coffee shop sits on. It’s definitely a popular photo spot, so make sure your phone is charged and ready to take photos.

Pink Coffee:

Not to be confused with the Stylenanda Pink Hotel, the Pink Pool Cafe is a funky pool-themed restaurant. The first is a hotel cafeteria, and while the two are related, it’s important to note that they are separate locations. The Pink Pool Cafe is located in Hongdae. It has a rooftop pool, a mini pool, and an all-pink restaurant.

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