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This App will Help you Enjoy your Trip More

When you’re on vacation, it’s important to focus on… well, relax! Often, we can get caught up updating our family and friends about our trip, either on social media or through text messages and emails. Not to mention, many people end up checking work emails, sometimes just out of curiosity. There is an app that can really help you enjoy your vacation.

A workout-building app that takes a data-backed approach to help you set and achieve goals, Awesome wants to help you on vacation, too. The application uses the game to create habits and actions through small tasks. His methods include prompts to help plan, while emphasizing the importance of starting with small, positive reinforcement.

Sami Hussain, CEO and Co-Founder of Fabulous shared with Travel + Leisure: “Anyone can take a break. But few realize that one can take a vacation that brings joy in the moment and rejuvenates you for your return. It’s more fun to be productive when you get back to work than it is to have a hangover on vacation. Using Fabulous in this way is an investment not only in work-life balance, but also in work-life fun.”

Hussain continued: “Remembering the basics while resting will increase positive experiences. Little things like remembering to hydrate will reduce different-weather headaches. Nighttime training can lead to better sleep, especially when circadian rhythms are disrupted.”

The app’s behavioral economist, Jazmin Quill, shared some tips on how to best use the app to help you. According to Quill: “Sleep is one of the things that can be very easily thrown out during a trip, whether it’s to another time zone or even a local one. You want to make the most of every minute of vacation.”

She also stressed the importance of having a nightly ritual that helps people feel “calm and back to normal. It can ease the transition from activity to rest and provide a sense of familiarity and contentment in unfamiliar places.”

It’s also important to be present while you’re away, so you can really make the most of your time. Coyle said: “No matter where we go, we have a tendency to carry the pressures of work or feel the need to stay connected on the phone or through social media. Being present is one of the most important things you can do mentally and It is one of the most difficult things!”

Fabulous has a ‘switch off and on’ feature which will help you focus on your journey rather than on social media.

Most importantly, vacations are supposed to help you de-stress. According to Quill: “Stress can have a number of negative effects not only on your mind but on your body as well. Great champions for meditation and what better place to do it than on the beach, a hike or a vacation.”

She continued: “When you’re away from home and on vacation, space opens up to adjust how you feel. The rate ranges from habit formation to what transformation looks like and beyond.” She said. “Perhaps the most vital thing one can give oneself in time spent away is the self-pity that Fabulous reminds one to suck on. This alone can bring about an extraordinary change in one’s psyche and create a true pathway to the good life.” .

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