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Video Games are Being Touted as a Way to Better Connect with the Family During Christmas

Video games have been established as one of the best ways to get closer and better connect with family at Christmas, with 40% of parents planning to play games with their children at this time, according to a study on Xbox.

This is demonstrated by a new survey carried out by YouGov in some countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany or Mexico, and commissioned by Xbox, which confirms that 56% of those surveyed consider that transferring the habit of playing video games from older generations to younger ones ” Great tradition.”

Additionally, among those who said they would play video games while on vacation, 38% rated gaming as one of their top five family activities. This is thanks to familiar games like Minecraft or Forza Horizon 5, which account for more than 50% of the games chosen to enjoy Christmas 2021.

Likewise, up to 71% of respondents agree that, thanks to the variety of video games available, all family members, regardless of age, can play. As for young people, 21 percent said they intend to play with their parents, 5 percent with their grandparents and 10 percent will play with their family members.

In this sense, the study also confirms that video games help people relax during intense periods like Christmas.

In addition to strengthening family ties, video games also serve to deal with stressful situations that can arise during the Christmas holidays. In fact, 54% turn to video games to relieve stress. In contrast, 46% use the social media “roll”, 45% focus on reading a book and 33% on self-care activities.

The use of video games for the whole family makes it a good gift option for these festivities. According to Xbox, gifts for the whole family are a priority and a good investment, a fact supported by the 30 percent of respondents who want to give gifts and who also agree with this option.

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