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What are the Advantages of Facial Vaporizers?

Facial steamers, or facial steamers, are helpful in stimulating blood circulation and improving skin and acne cleansing.

The power of steam has been used for centuries to take care of the beauty of the body, these devices are a miniature version of the sauna.

Its use enhances the action of anti-aging or acne treatments. It also prefers smoother and brighter skin. At Digital Journalist, we have more details.

What is a Facial Vaporizer?

If very hot water has been used with the towel before, then this is the modern, comfortable version. It is a small device measuring about 20 to 26 cm x 19 x 15 cm, (depending on the brands), with an approximate weight between 640/940 grams.

  • They usually have a base with a starter or hand wheel and another plastic part where the face is.
  • The lid is removed and we add water to the tank in the amount recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Then the top is put back on.
  • Connect the device and press the power button.
  • With the makeup removed from the skin, bring your face closer to the sauna to receive the steam.

4 Advantages of Using a Facial Vaporizer

Improves Skin Cleansing

If you remove makeup with soap or water, your skin may look clean, but there are always traces of makeup or oil. Using a facial steamer several times a week for 3-4 minutes helps to achieve a deeper cleanse of the skin.

Improves Acne and Blackheads

Related to the previous section. The steam from the skin over the pores facilitates the release of accumulated dirt or sebum, which facilitates the removal of pimples and blackheads.

After a steam bath on the face, you can use tools to remove blackheads, like the one in the photo, do not “squeeze” with your fingers. Steam kills bacteria, but if you apply pressure to the skin, it will reintroduce microorganisms.

Improves Absorption of Cosmetic Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle and depigmentation products and cosmetics to improve sagging skin. After exposing the skin to steam, the skin is more receptive to the action of cosmetics.

Any skin treatment you follow will benefit if you apply it to the skin after the facial steamer effect.

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