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Why does Hair Fall Out More in Autumn?

Hair falls out more in the fall, but no problem, it grows back in a few months. It is not by chance that our hair is abused since summer, which is the time of year when we neglect it the most, and expose it to more hours of sun, salt or chlorine, factors that harm it to some extent. There are also studies that link this drop to the stress we experience after the holidays and returning to routine.

In general, there is no need to worry if we suddenly start to find more hair than usual in the shower or on the pillow. Even less if we had been through the Coronavirus a few months ago, as it has been proven that even after its immediate suffering, it affects our hair and causes relative loss. All of this would be within what could be considered normal for hair loss, which is naturally restored. Another thing is to notice a noticeable loss of hair density, so we should go to a specialist dermatologist to assess the fall. If this is your case, you can go to IMD where they will study your specific case, progress and recommend the latest techniques for hair regeneration and care.

How do You Take Care of Your Hair and Prevent it From Falling Out?

In addition to the treatments prescribed by the specialist, we should know that there are some guidelines to keep your hair strong and healthy: – Eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, omega-3, vitamin A, biotin or cysteine. A good diet will make our hair not notice the lack of nutrients that can weaken the hair fiber and promote hair loss.

You have to know that:

  1. Zinc helps balance hormone levels, as well as increasing DNA and RNA production and strengthening hair fibers. Omega-3 helps strengthen and repair damaged hair, as well as make it thicker. Biotin favors the access of nutrients to the hair roots and gives strength and elasticity to the hair.
  2. Vitamin A activates hair follicle cells. Vitamin C helps produce collagen and vitamin E is an antioxidant that stimulates and strengthens hair growth.
  3. Exercising regularly helps reduce the levels of anxiety and stress that lead to falls. Exercise improves blood flow to the scalp. This is closely related to the previous section where we recommend that you eat a balanced diet. Diet and exercise are key to staying healthy, just like our hair.
  4. Don’t pull your hair when drying with a towel… It’s best to make gentle movements, preferably with cotton towels. In addition, it is advisable not to abuse the dryer and iron tongs.
  5. Massaging the hair, shampooing hair loss, or applying conditioner or mask are also good options for improving hair health.

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