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World Cup: Know 7 Benefits of Soccer for Health

The 2022 World Cup has brought back the national passion for soccer. Sport is the most practiced sport in Brazil and, according to the Ministry of Sports, 15.3 million fans practice it, which corresponds to 39.3% of the 38.8 million total amateur and professional Brazilian athletes.

Besides being loved by many, soccer has many health benefits. According to fitness guru Víctor Escobar, the activity is considered complete and with a high caloric expenditure, since it requires practitioners to carry out intense and varied movements, such as running, kicking, turning, jumping and changing direction.

Therefore, sport is an excellent way to lose weight, increase muscle mass and improve physical, mental and social condition.

“In women, exercise also helps prevent osteoporosis and alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMS),” says the physical educator.

The Specialist Presents 7 Benefits of Soccer in the Medium and Long Term. are they:

  • Better Focus
  • Helps relieve Stress and Anxiety.
  • Helps Strengthen Muscles.
  • Improves Heart rate and Blood Circulation.
  • Encourages Teamwork and Socialization;
  • It Enhances Sleep Quality.
  • Helps Develop Motor and Aerobic Skills.

There are also benefits such as improved strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and stamina.

“To achieve all the benefits, it is recommended to practice soccer for at least 30 minutes and two or three times a week,” says the professional.

Necessary Care

As in any physical activity, in soccer it is also necessary for practitioners to take some measures to prevent injuries, such as wearing appropriate footwear for the surface on which they will play, as well as warming up and stretching.

According to Escobar, before joining the method, it is necessary to consult a physical education specialist to receive guidance on how to exercise and maintain health and physical safety.

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