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YouTube Will Certify Channels Published by Certified Health Professionals as Trustworthy

YouTube has announced the opening of a program for doctors and healthcare professionals with the aim of allowing them to register as trusted and certified content creators to publish videos and information in the field.

Thus, the company seeks to combat misinformation on the platform, promote effective communication between doctors and patients and enable them to access verified and well-founded information about diseases and treatments.

Google launched this project within the framework of YouTube Health, an area of ​​the content platform that aims to make high-quality health information accessible to everyone and work with organizations such as Global Health Media, KFF, MedCircle and Mass Brigham Public.

This program is for doctors, nurses, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers and mental health professionals, who can apply to make their channels eligible for the platform and appear as authorized to broadcast this content.

YouTube noted that, until now, this feature was only available to organizations such as educational institutions, public health departments, hospitals, and government agencies.

In order for other professionals to benefit from this tool, they must have a health-related license in the country or region to be listed as an authoritative source, as well as have a valid YouTube channel.

This means applicants must follow the platform’s monetization policies, regardless of whether the channel is monetizing its economic activity at that time. Likewise, they must have had more than 2,000 valid public service hours in the twelve months prior to application.

These channels should also be thematic, that is, they should focus primarily on covering information related to health issues. Finally, Google states that interested parties should not have received notices from the platform about a possible violation of Community rules and guidelines.

Once these requests are submitted and after reviewing the channel that applied to participate in this credibility program, YouTube will contact the organization or candidate in about a month or two.

Thus, the company indicated that it expects accepted candidates to be able to appear as eligible on the platform early next year. In addition, he stressed that it will be reassessed periodically to verify that it continues to meet the requirements.

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