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Why Viking Clothing Is Becoming a Fashion Trend

Who doesn’t love a cool new trend? In one year, you could go from wearing cargo pants to slapping a man bun on your head!

It’s fun to watch new trends filter through our world, and it’s even more fun to be part of initiating those trends! Recently, Viking fashion has begun to make headlines and catch on with the public.

Once associated with unkempt, long hair and bushy beards, the public is embracing the clean and stately approach to Viking clothing. Read on to learn all about this trend and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe!

Eye-Catching Jewelry

Viking-inspired jewelry can come in the form of layered necklaces and oval-shaped rings with intricate designs. Brooches and armbands of intricately wrought metals are also great for decorating Viking garments.

If a bold statement is desired, several strands of glass beads can be twisted together for a hands-free look. Silver and bronze pendants with Nordic designs, such as Nordic runes, hold a special appeal to Viking culture.

For a more modern take on Viking jewelry, pieces made with gems like emeralds and rubies can be used. Regardless of your preference, these accessories are sure to bring eye-catching beauty to any Viking-inspired clothing.

From stylish rings, necklaces, and earrings, you can use them to craft jewelry for the Vikings. You can also view these Viking necklaces and join the Viking fashion trends today!

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors were ideal since they would not show their dirt and grime as they traveled and fought. They certainly wanted to look as good as possible during their celebrations and festivals.

These colors help create a strong and proud look while still being fun and eye-catching at the same time. In particular, soft blues and greens, purples, and yellows were often used for tunics and cloaks. It can create a sense of peacefulness, even amid battle.

It can use to add a touch of softness to traditional Viking hues. It can be an additional layer of dynamism and variety to the look. It can use to depict a more modern and feminine interpretation of the traditional Viking look.

Natural Fabrics and Materials

Viking clothes are from natural fabrics and materials such as wool, linen, and animal skin. Wool was the most commonly used fabric in the clothing they wore. It was lightweight, warm, and breathable, which was important considering the often wet, cold climate of their homeland.

Linen was also worn, usually in the form of a linen tunic or shirt that was worn underneath the wool outer garments. Animal skins such as sheepskin and fur were also used, mostly for protection against the cold.

Leather was also used, both for protection and also to add decorative elements to clothing or to create items such as shoes, purses, and belts. Vikings also utilized items such as braid, fur trim, and embroidery to embellish their clothing and to provide warmth and color.

A Guide to Knowing More About Viking Clothing

Viking clothing is here to stay and truly unique. Following these simple tips and embracing the trend can transform an outfit, taking timeless and trendy elements together.

With the right inspiration and attitude, fashion-savvy people can pull off this look effortlessly. Go ahead, go and make the beautiful Viking style yours.

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